100% success in MCI Screening Exam

An Occasion to celebrate achievements with the University, family and friends…. You’ve made it!

A lot of Indian students go abroad for their medical education owing to fewer seats in the country and stiff competition. These students who pursue their medical education abroad are supposed to pass the Screening Test conducted by the MCI before they can start medical practice. Between 2012 and 2015, only 19% of those appeared for the screening test has passed.  (Source: Times of India)

Amidst odds in the market, Texila American University has created a history by achieving 100% Clearance Ratio in the Medical Screening Exams in different Countries. Our Students who had graduated in the recent years had cleared their Screening Exams in their home country to practice as Doctors. This shows the commitment of Texila American University in delivering quality education catering to the entire globe. We are proud and delighted to be a part of their noble & holistic journey as responsible “DOCTORS”.


   This is a Proud & a Great Moment for Texila!
Wishing all the Success to the Students throughout their Journey as Doctors.

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