Condolences Message


Student Name: Dr.Liabwa George
Program: PhD Public Health
Enrolled Year: May 2012
He was worked as a Provincial Medical Officer – Northern Province, Ministry of Health, Zambia.

The President, Staffs and Students of TAU was deeply saddened by the news of our Bright student Dr. Liabwa George passed on November 10th 2014. Our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends & relatives.

Dear Studious Student Dr Liabwa George
“You rocked like a Star
We never expected your life will be too short
Let God Bless your soul rest in Peace”

TAU is now listed in GUIDE Association to support Distance Education

Texila American University has now earned the membership of the GUIDE Association which is the Global Universities in Distance Education. It was established with the aim to develop and support international cooperation in open and distance learning worldwide.


GUIDE Association was founded in 2005 by Marconi University with the aim to develop and support international cooperation for open and distance education learning prospects. Currently, the Association has reached the global dimension with more than 140 member Universities from around the globe.

TAU and GUIDE Membership:

GUIDE Association is run by the General Secretary, a Board of Directors and a Scientific Committee selected by the majority of Members on the basis of geographical distribution of partner universities and in charge of coordinating research activities.

GUIDE members will be benefitted in different ways.
• New issue of GUIDE official journals will be made available in both paper and digital form,
• bimonthly newsletters will be issued,
• Strategic support will be provided for projects implementation,
• networking activities and dissemination of research results through international events and publications,

Some guide members include:
• Bangladesh Open University
• C Darwin University
• University of Prince Edward Island
• Saint Monica University
• Thompson Rivers University
• VIA University College, Gory University

Miss Guyana Universe Nikita Barker visits Texila American University

Ms. Nikita Barker paid a visit to TAU’s campus on Tuesday November 11, 2014 at the request of the reigning Mr. Texila American University at 12:00PM.

Caribbean Medical SchoolMs. Nikita Barker was greeted at the front gate by the reigning Mr. and Miss TAU, accompanied by African drumming. She took pictures there and greeted everyone downstairs.

She was escorted by Mr. and Miss TAU to our boardroom, which was set up for her to meet and greet the 2014 contestants for the Mr. and Miss TAU 2014 title. Ms. Barker took pictures in the boardroom with students and contestants alike. She was open to questions, and she took the opportunity to share pageantry advice with all of the contestants.

Lunch and refreshments was provided to her by the Student Committee. Since Miss Guyana Universe had other appearances elsewhere, she left at 1:00PM. Right before she left, Mr. Bala greeted her in the corridor and exchanged well-wishes.

Her visit was successful and the contestants gained a wealth of knowledge.

TAU Convocation Highlights 2014

Texila American University graduated its maiden batch of doctors on 7th June, 2014 at the Hotel Marriot Marquis in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. Here are the top highlights of the event which was marked as one of the big days of the university’s calendar.

E-Learning – The upcoming trend of Education

Texila E-Learning is a part of Texila American University and is one of the largest distance learning platforms for the short-term courses. Short-term courses refer to those programs that last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Some can take up to a year, but this can vary depending on how concentrated the program is and what topic is being studied. It includes the Certificate Courses and Executive Certificate Courses with different specializations.

infographics 5

Texila E-learning is developed to assist the students to get advanced in education for the better job opportunities.

TAU Launched Two New Journals – South American Journal of Medicine & Clinical Research

Texila American University has published its second issue of the second volume of the South American journal of Medicine & Clinical Research on 29th October, 2014.  The first issue was released on February 2014. The journals are rich in more informative and interactive content which is the result of the research done by the TAU students and other academic researchers.


The South American Journal of Medicine comprises of the most of the researches done by the TAU students and other researchers. This issue of the journal has more diverse topics that would bring a branded awareness about the Measles, which is a diminishing threat to the child development in northern part of Ghana. Measles is a highly infectious disease affecting nearly every person in a given population by adolescence in the absence of the immunization program. It is basically transferred from person to person. It can lead to widespread infection.

The journal also covers other article reviews related to Clinical Understanding of a Life Threatening of Asthma to Help the Pediatric Patients Outcomes, rare Occurrence of the Enterocutaneous Fistulae, Pharmacovigilance, Cardiac Monitoring and a lot more.

The South American Journal of Clinical Research has even more diverse topics and article reviews by the TAU students. This issue of the Journal has a number of topics that would enhance the knowledge and awareness of the Brain Tumors-the role of antibodies therapy and the challenges of the blood brain barriers. It reviews the article monoclonal antibodies therapy in neuro oncology. The Brain tumors In applying therapy to brain tumors, both expectations and interpretation are seems difficult due to blood-brain barrier (BBB).It prevents the antibodies from entry into the brain but in case of brain tumors their entry is more complex. Brain tumors (the target), antibodies (the magic), how antibodies attack tumor (the bullet) and how they reach it (through blood brain barrier) are reviewed.

The other topics that are included in this issue of the Journal include Clinical and Non-clinical Safety Updated Data Management for the Medicinal and Biological Products, Discrepancies and Inadequate reporting in Randomized Clinical Trials of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integrated Approach to Healthcare management stakeholders and a lot more.

The next issue of the South American Journals of Medicine and Clinical Research is expected to launch in the month of February 2015. At the end of 2014, Texila has planned t launch around 5 to 6 new journals.

About E-International Journal of Academic and Scientific Research (EIJASR)

EIJASR is an online journal consortium of Texila American University (TAU). It assists scholars and individuals to publish their findings and research. To know more about this informative South American academic journal, visit,