Distance Learning Opportunities in Ethiopia

Ethiopia, a country located in the Horn of Africa with a population of around 94 million, lacks the provision of higher education due to political, social and economic aspects. In the 1960’s, access to education in Ethiopia was very low; only less than one-fifth (20%) of the school age population were enrolled for education.There were high regional and gender gaps in gross enrollment rates.In the last 15 years, Ethiopia has shown remarkable growth in the expansion of education at all levels (primary, secondary and tertiary levels). Currently, the gross enrollment rate in primary schools has reached over 95%. Enrollment in secondary schools and in universities and colleges has also increased significantly.


Unlike many other countries, Distance Learning Programs would be a necessity in Ethiopia as it would be convenient for the students from rural areas to get educated. Distance & Online Programs have the potential to reach a large number of students who would otherwise be excluded from educational opportunities.The Government of Ethiopia supports distance learning in a major Way.

With the evolution of Online Learning Platforms, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of students who pursue distance education. Especially in Ethiopia, more than SEVEN Hundred thousand (700,000)students get educated via these programs today. This demand is expected to grow and will reach about onemillion (1 Million) by the year 2016/17.

Texila American University (TAU) Group is a leading education pioneer in the areas of Distance learning. Students from over 60 Nationalities are enrolled in our distance programs in various levels. Programs are offered in the following schools: School of Nursing, School of Management, Information Technology, Public Health, and Education & Many more.

There is a Great possibility for Colleges, Universities, Education providers and other bodies to Associate with TAU to offer Cost Effective, High Quality Distance programs in Ethiopia. If you are interested to join hands with Texila email to info@tauedu.org. If you are interested to join TAU as student, login at www.tauedu.org and register in your programs of interest.

Texila American University conducts Onspot Admissions in Zambia

Texila American University is one of the reputed Caribbean medical university conducts onspot admissions in Zambia for Medicine and Nursing programs. TAU spot admission gives a chance for the students to gain admission with ease.

Our University Representative Mr. Arun Mallan will be in Zambia to counsel the students for Medicine and Nursing programs who have completed their High school/Senior Secondary School / O level / A level.


The scheduled dates are listed below

Chreso University (17th February 2015 to 19th February 2015)

P.O Box 37178 Lusaka
Go Centre
Plot 17734 Nangwenya Road,
Mass Media,

Kitwe (21st February 2015 to 22nd February 2015)
Cross Roads Lodges Ltd,
Plot No.306, Freedom Way
P.O Box 270098

Livingstone (23rd February 2015 to 24th February 2015)
Protea Hotel
Livingstone, Zambia
Contact : 260 967796609


Kindly register here http://www.tau.edu.gy/google-zambia-medicine.html to schedule the appointment for direct counseling and enrolled with Texila American University for this March 2015 Intake.


Spot Admission – Medicine admissions March 2015 at Texila American University

Texila American University is glad to announce that we are organizing an On Spot Admission program in Kathmandu, Nepal for the March 2015 intake

NepalStudents seeking admission to Doctor of Medicine program through spot Admission at Kathmandu, Nepal should have completed 10 to 12 years of Education or Equivalent and from non-premedical backgrounds

Mr. Dinesh Kumar, Our university representative will be hosting the On Spot Admission. The date, time and venue details are as follows;

Date: 20th and 21st February (Friday & Saturday)
Time: 10.30 AM to 08.00 PM.
Venue: Aryal International hotel
Shankhamul Road,
New Baneshwor,
44600 Kathmandu,

This is a great opportunity for the students who are willing to be a Doctor and take this wonderful opportunity to get enrolled in this reputed organization

For more details you can contact to
Direct Admission Office
+ 91 422 3309896
+91 422 3309952

Nepal Contact Number
+977 14168477
+977 9851088582

To participate Apply here: http://www.tau.edu.gy/google-nepal-medicine.html

World Cancer Day: Foods That Prevent Cancer

World Cancer Day’ is celebrated annually on 4th of February to deepen our understanding of this killer disease. There has been enough research to validate that food acts as the most promising ammunition to fight the battle against cancer.


What are the foods that up the risk of developing cancer?

Some cancers like that of the stomach have a more direct relationship with food. Foods which should be consumed in moderation to avoid the incidence of cancer are –

Processed meats such as bacon, sausages, lunch meats and hot dogs. Choose fish, poultry, or beans instead of red meat (beef, pork, and lamb). If you eat red meat, choose lean cuts and eat smaller portions. Prepare meat, poultry, and fish by baking, broiling, or poaching rather than by frying or charbroiling.

What are the preventive foods that guard against cancer?

In accordance with the most common types of cancers that our country suffers from, the following foods can help:

Oral Cancer: A diet rich in green and yellow vegetables and proper oral hygiene has been shown to offer protection against oral cancer.

Breast Cancer: Reduction of high calorie foods, increased intake of fruits and vegetables and regular physical activity is preventive.

Lung Cancer: Avoid tobacco and stay free from environmental pollutants. Increase intake of vegetables, fruits and beta carotene.

Stomach Cancer: Diets high in fruits and vegetables particularly raw vegetables, citrus fruits, and possibly allium vegetables (onions, leeks, garlic etc.), foods with high levels of carotenoid, high vitamin C intake and consumption of green tea helps prevent stomach cancers.

What foods help in healing cancer and how?

Good nutrition is a key to good health. Foods which are rich in Vitamin C, Beta-carotene and Lycopene are known to protect DNA from damages. Research proves that these foods help in healing cancer –

Apple: Apple contains quercetin, epicatechin, anthocyanins and triterpenoids which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help to lower the risk of cancer specifically Colorectal cancers. The apple peel is the most nutritious as the majority of Quercetin (80%) is found in it. Other cancers in which apples are known to heal are lungs, breast and stomach.

Blueberries :Blueberries have great antioxidant power, due to the presence of many phytochemicals and flavonoids like Anthocyanins, Ellagic acid and Urolithin. These are known to decrease free radical damage to DNA that leads to cancer. They also decrease the growth and stimulate self-destruction of mouth, breast, colon and prostate cancer cells.

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Green Cabbage, Cauliflower, White Turnip, Kale, Green Collard: The Glucosinolates is converted into isothiocyanates and indoles on consumption, which decreases inflammation, one of the risk factors of cancer. Beta-carotene promotes cell communication that helps control abnormal cell growth.

Source: NDTV

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Admissions Open – March 2015 Intake for Medicine and Nursing programs

Texila American University invites Applications for Medicine and nursing programs for the academic year 2015. We look for well talented and ambitious students to put their best efforts in the field of Medicine and Nursing.


The program details are given below

Bachelor of Science Doctor of Medicine (BSMD)
Duration: 5.5 Years – BS MD [MBBS] – US & Normal Track
Eligibility: O level (with one Science subject + Maths + English + 2 elective subject’s mandatory) / A Level (with non science subjects + O level criteria as above) / 12 years of Education/ High School with O level subject criteria as above

Doctor of Medicine (Direct MD)
Duration: 4 years
Eligibility: Diploma in Allied Health Science/Life Science

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Duration: 4 years
Eligibility:Students who have completed O level or High School with at least one subject in science can apply for 4 year BSN program.

Interested Students can register here http://www.tauedu.org/apply-online.html

Take hold of this wonderful opportunity and get enrolled for March 2015 intake !