Planning to pursue your medicine studies abroad?

If yes, our appreciation on your decision! But we would like to share few pointers for you to narrow down on the countries of your focus….

Choosing a destination for studying abroad is a daunting task. This is a decision that can change your life. Today, Indian students travel abroad to study in large numbers, and they have become an important source of international enrollment diversity, research strength and revenue for institutions of higher education across the world. Earlier Russia, Ukraine, China and Philippines were the most preferred destination for these students. But Today, Caribbean is  the preferred choice for international students to study medicine.

What drives the Indian students to pursue Medical studies Abroad?

An important reason for many Indians choosing to study abroad is the lack of good institutions in India and growing competition for limited seats amongst the existing institutes. Very few universities in India provide good quality education and thus the challenge of securing admission in them becomes more daunting each year.

Among the Indian students in Ukraine — 70% are from southern India, Many of these students are from rural, semi-urban areas.

But How Secure are the Students in These Countries……..

There is an uncertainty over the academic future of international students studying medicine and other professional courses in Ukraine, wracked by the violent unrest.

“Recently, 2 Indian Medical Students had been stabbed to death in Ukraine. Over 5,000 Indian medical students in Ukraine have been facing security problems since the war with Russia broke out in 2014. It’s an implication about the security of the International Students abroad.” (Source: Times of India)


Caribbean – The Secure & Convenient Place For Your Medical Studies

With an education system known for its high standards throughout the country, many international students fulfill their aspirations of studying abroad by taking admission in the Caribbean. Moreover, the Option for US Residencies are specific for the Caribbean Medical Schools. Most of the Medical Schools provide you a pathway for USA Residencies through its Medicine programs.

The advantage of studying in the Caribbean is not only limited to the affordable fee of the institutes and low cost of living, but the fact that English is mostly spoken throughout West Indies makes learning easy for foreign students. The students who pursue their medical degree from countries like China or Russia often face language barrier while studying as well as living in those countries as English is not quite popular there as it is in the West Indies.

If Medicine is Your Passion and Becoming a Doctor is Your Dream, Then It’s Time You Think About Caribbean Medical Schools.

Chase Your Dream to Become Doctors - Study Medicine with Texila American University

Congratulations! A new generation of Physicians passed out of Texila

An Occasion to celebrate achievements with the University, fellow graduates, family and friends….

You’ve made it! 

Texila American University celebrated the graduation of its third batch of doctors on 30th January, 2016 at the Hotel Marriott, USA. The Chief Guest of the event was Dr.Rudolph Cummings, Programme Manager Health Sector Development &CARICOM Secretariat. Addressing the graduands, he quoted “We must celebrate our achievements no matter how small and build upon them to be better prepared for any new health challenges.”


The event was presided over by the Vice President of Texila for International Operations Mr. Ashok Kumar and then by the Registrar of Texila Mr. Julius Romrate Escalante. In an address at the function he indicated that it was the vision of the University to become one of the preferred choices for the medical and healthcare education.

DSC_6945It was a moment to cherish for the Graduand who had celebrated their accomplishments on behalf of family and friends.


We congratulate the new doctors and wish them much success!

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Texila American University Conducts Free Seminar on “Study MBBS Abroad” in UAE

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Texila American University conducts Free Seminar on “Study MBBS Abroad” on 9th April 2016 in UAE.  Meet the delegates from the University Directly for Counselling – Grab the Opportunity to attend Texila – one of the inclusive Caribbean Medical Schools to Earn a Globally Recognized Degree.

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The Future of Nursing: Rising Demand for a Bachelor’s Degree (BSN)

Over the last several decades there has been a tremendous rise in advanced treatment across a wide spectrum of diseases. Many, such as diabetes, cancer, stroke and heart disease, have led to the need for long term patient monitoring.

Consequently, nurses are providing “guided care” by coordinating with team of health professionals to design individual treatment plans and teach patients self-management.


With increasing responsibility in patient care, health care organizations—and hospitals in particular—are encouraging nurses to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), noting that RNs who hold a BSN have greater critical thinking and analysis abilities. The extended education offered in a BSN prepares RNs to give advanced treatment, ultimately improving the overall patient care experience.

Moreover, A Bachelors Degree in Nursing would dominate over Registered Nurses (RNs) in several ways.

Job Security & Career Growth:

You can learn additional skills in nursing leadership, management, wellness etc. A BSN broadens a RNs future potential. With a competitive skill set, nurses increase their value now and well into the future. In addition, health care employers are requiring RNs to have a BSN.

Progress & Excel Your Nursing Career!