Texila American University Celebrated 6 years in Guyana

Texila American University completed its 6 Years of Excellence as a World Class Affordable Educational Provider. Founded in 2010 with the only Campus in Guyana, the University’s presence is now spread across the globe with 3 campuses – Guyana, Zambia and Fujairah with Offices in India, Sharjah, USA, & Hong Kong.

The Year 2016 marks a special milestone in the history of Texila as it has established Campuses in Fujairah and Zambia. Celebrations were held under the theme “Healthy Body, Happy Life: Promoting Health and Wellness”.

The University had launched a week-long series of programs and activities beginning with community health outreach and blood drives. Staff, students and the local community were a part of the celebrations.

Day One (1) – 26th September, 2016 – “Anniversary”
Anniversary celebration commenced with a “Happy 6th Anniversary Cake” that was presented along with a Presentation for well deserving staff who have dedicated their services to TAU for over three (3) years.


Day 2- 28th September, 2016 – “Blood Donation Drive”

A Blood Drive was organized on Campus involving Staff and students. A total of 48 units of blood were donated.

Day 3- 30th September, 2016 “Health Outreach Day”

A donation consisting of various non- perishable items were made towards the Children’s Convalescent home and the Old Age Home (Psalms). This was handed over by Ms. Tamika and Ms. Annette along with five (5) students on behalf of Texila American University.

camp 1
camp 3

Also a Mini Health Outreach programme was conducted on Regent Street for the members of the public to have free access to check their blood pressure and blood sugar also free health consultation. A total number of 195 persons were checked and advised about their health. This activity commenced at 9:00 hours and concluded at 15:30 hours.

Texila Continues its Journey of perpetual expansion and development ……

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Nursing Specialties to Explore with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Due to growing demand, the healthcare job market is rapidly expanding. A career in nursing gives you the opportunity to combine personal compassion with professional skill. It’s also a career with great earning potential and job security.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, Nursing  is listed among the top occupations in terms of job growth through 2022. The Nursing workforce is expected to grow from 2.71 million in 2012 to 3.24 million in 2022, an increase of 526,800 or more.

college of nursing

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If you are looking to explore your nursing career, or are interested in an expanded role within the nursing field, consider one of these specialties mentioned below:

Clinical Nurse Leader: Advanced generalist registered nurses bring a high level of clinical competence and knowledge to the point of care.

Perinatal Nurse: Perinatal nurses work in clinics, hospitals, and even home care agencies.

Critical Care Nurse: The Nurses practice in hospitals, but will be trained to work anywhere patients require complex assessment and therapies, high-intensity interventions and support.

Nurse Practitioner (NP) : Nurse practitioners specialize in a population (e.g., family, adult-gerontology, pediatric, and psychiatric mental health).

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) :  These professionals provide direct patient care and influence outcomes by providing expert consultation and implementing systemic quality improvement programs.

Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM): Nurse midwives work in structured clinical settings such as hospitals, but also in the community promoting women’s and family health.

Nurse Executive: Nurse executives are senior-level leaders who shape the clinical practice in their organizations by defining a strategic vision and influencing movement toward that vision by all stakeholders.

Nursing Educator: Nursing educators teach in formal academic settings with students preparing to become nurses or with professional nurses who are getting advanced degrees. They also can work in hospitals and other health care agencies where they focus on professional development and continuing competency of nurses

Clinical Trial Nurses : Clinical trials are large research studies, sometimes multi-site, that seek to determine the safety and efficacy of health treatments and strategies such as drugs, devices, or protocols.

Texila American University offers Nursing Programs in Regular mode – Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in the Guyana Campus.

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