“Texila Raises Bar in Education Provision in Zambia”

Texila American University (TAU) Group has pledged, through TAU Zambia, to push beyond the next level the quality of excellence in education provided in Zambia.

In so doing, over the last couple of weeks, TAU Zambia had been finalizing and consolidating its in-country operations prior to the January, 2017, inauguration of the newly acquired 25,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art campus in one of the Capital City’s most exclusive suburbs.

This consolidation has seen the finalization of the acquisition of TAU Zambia’s new property and the recruitment of highly qualified academic and support staff to run the university when it opens in March, 2017.

TAU’s Founder and President, Saju Bhaskar S.P, made it emphatically evident that TAU’s desire for educational excellence that supersedes what currently is the standard in Zambian Education could only be achieved through the expanding and maximising of Zambia’s educational capacity.


The President made this clear when he paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Health, Honourable Chitalu Chilufya M.D., at his offices on Tuesday, 25th October, 2016.

In plainly outlining how TAU, through TAU Zambia, would expand and maximize Zambia’s educational capacity, the President assured the Minister that TAU Zambia would bring together both local and international expats that would provide unparalleled and experience-drenched services, which, coupled with the quality education and infrastructure for which the TAU Group is synonymous, would maximize the aforementioned capacity.

“The high quality infrastructure that TAU Zambia’s facilities will provide in the form of state-of-the-art laboratories, classroom and libraries, and the Educational Tourism that will be generated by Zambia through the university’s aim of not only catering to Zambia but the rest of the region as well, will generate revenue for the country,” he said.

The President further unquestionably elaborated to the Honorable Minister that TAU Zambia was more than capable of not only exceeding the requirement standards set by the Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ), but in setting a benchmark at which all other medical institutions in the country will be judged.

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And speaking at the same occasion, Dr.Chilufya stated that the Ministry would facilitate partnerships between TAU Zambia and local hospitals for the successful training of medical doctors who graduate from the university.

The President acknowledged that the Ministry of Health’s facilitation of partnerships with local hospitals on behalf of TAU Zambia and, more so, his pledged personal capacity facilitation, would allow for a much larger partnership for TAU Zambia beyond the more than the five (5) hospitals that are already keen to partner with the university.

The School of Medicine, Department of Nursing, Department of Pharmacy, Department of Public Health, School of Business, Information & Technology, and Education, are among the inaugural schools for which the university is currently enrolling and that will commence in March, 2017.

Furthermore, the President acknowledged that pushing educational excellence in Zambia would require a two-pronged approach that is anchored on one end with the provision of quality education, and on the other end with the generation of revenue for the country to, thus, bolster and encourage more investment in the sector by the Government.


It is for this reason that when the President paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Higher Education, Honourable Nkandu Luo Ph.D., on Wednesday, 19th October, 2016, the main talking point was Educational Tourism and how TAU will capitalise on this revenue generating venture for the betterment of the Zambian republic.

Educational Tourism, which is one of the fastest growing areas of the travel that is part of the, as of 2014, US$7.6 trillion global tourism industry, refers to any programme in which participants travel to a location as a group with the primary purpose of engaging in a learning experience directly related to the location (Rodger, 1998: 28).

The main idea behind this concept is that travel is as much about self-improvement as it is about relaxation. Therefore, as students come to Zambia to study, they not only travel within their destination country of choice but throughout that county and even to neighbouring lands.

The goal here is to widen the educational experience so that university students do not only know their own culture but also that of at least one other nation.

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Critical Components you need to check before joining a Medical University

The trend of pursuing medical studies abroad is gearing up at a steady pace and is gaining momentum every year. As a result of this, many students and parents are being presented with a variety of options in terms of medical universities abroad, putting many in a dilemma, as to which destination to choose.

There are several factors to consider while choosing the University Abroad for Medical Studies. Exposure in terms of clinical rotation will be a biggest challenge as most of the countries (China, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines) have less than 8% of English speaking population – interaction with the patients will be challenging task which plays a critical role in exposure while they study. Another critical factor is the Local Medical Council Recognition of the University!


Texila American University is listed in Medical Council of India (MCI) and Medical Council of Guyana (MCG).

How important are the local medical council registrations for a Medical University?

Students who pursue medical studies abroad must clear their screening test conducted by Medical Council of their respective country before they start practicing as a doctor.

The Local Medical Council ensures that doctors who have qualified abroad and wish to work in their home country, have obtained the appropriate qualifications from a recognized University and can practice in their home country.

What other major recognition can a Student look for?

Some of the Major recognition’s that a student looks at a University include the following:


Texila American University

World Health Organization (WHO)

Texila is listed in WHO – AVICENNA Directories

National Accreditation Council of Guyana (NAC)

Texila is recognized by NAC Guyana

Medical Council of Guyana (MCG)

Texila is listed in MCG

Medical Council of India (MCI)

Texila is listed in MCI

Pass Ratio of Medical Council Screening Tests

Upon successful completion of the program with the University, students have to clear the Local Medical Council Exams to practice as a Doctor in their home country. Texila has a history of 100% pass ratio for the Local Medical Council Exams from India and Nigeria. Students graduated from Texila had cleared their Local Medical Council Exams in their first attempts itself.

The quality of medical education offered should be your top priority. One need to look at couple of things like the facilities at the institution, curriculum, assignment submission patterns, faculties, research publications, lab and library facilities etc..

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The moment you decide you want to pursue a career in medicine, you know you are expected to go through a lot of hard work, and inevitably many hours of study. However, all your effort will be worth it in the end. After all, being a doctor is one of the noblest and most rewarding professions in the world.

Texila American University – the institution with a proven track history of quality education is authenticated and Recognized by many awarding bodies which makes the degree globally valid.

Thousands of happy, successful and satisfied students from across 70+ countries have chosen us for their upskilling needs.

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MCI Recognition: A crucial Factor for Medical Studies Abroad

Choosing your studies or the university to do your Medical Studies is not as easy as you think and it takes longer than you expected in the first place. If you already have an idea or actually know what you want to do in the future and want to build a career on it later, the decision is not that difficult. As far as Medical Studies are concerned, the students normally select universities from Philippines, Ukraine, China and Russia for the reason being cheaper and American for-mat of teaching. Out of which Philippines has 63% of people speaking English, 5.48% in Russia, 8% in China & 2.9% in Ukraine.

Cheaper course fees, no constraints for eligibility and Assuming the certificate of Global Recognition are some of the facts that attract the students to choose University in these countries. But the ground reality is that Only less than 5% of them clear their local medical council exams – the rest 95% of students and their future will be a big issue.

But there are several crucial factors you should consider when selecting to study in a University abroad.

How to select a university?

  • A university which has registered in the local country of presence
  • A university with good infrastructure and lab facilities
  • A university with highest level of reputation and student satisfaction
  • A university with in-house hospital facility or at least tie-up with good hospital for clinical rotation
  • A university which has history of students clearing local council medical when the students graduate and head back home
  • A university which has good hostel facilities and food cuisine of various countries
  • A safe and secured environment for peaceful learning
  • A country with good chill-out places for weekend outing from routine studies


The most crucial factor is the Local Medical Council Registration of the University. Texila American University is listed in Medical Council of India (MCI) which allows the students to practice as a Doctor in the Home country upon completion of the course and clearing the Screening Test conducted by MCI.

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