4 th Convocation Ceremony @ Texila American University

“Convocation is an exciting time. It’s both an ending and a beginning – an ending of the good campus life and the beginning of a new life with more responsibility; it’s the warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future”.

With happy faces all over the campus, Texila American University will be a place of delight during the 4th Convocation Ceremony to be held on 16th December 2017 at the Campus.

His Excellency, V. Moses Nagamootoo, the Honourable Prime Minister of Guyana will be the Chief Guest of the Convocation ceremony who will deliver the convocation address and will also felicitate the young achievers passing out from the institute.

The event will witness the achievements of the graduands – years of efforts and hard works that lead to their accomplishments of finally earing the salutation “DOCTOR”. Dr. A. Anand, the Vice Chancellor of Texila American University will preside over the function in the presence of dignitaries from the Government and Private Sector.

A total of 110 graduating students of TAU will receive their medical degrees at the convocation.

The event will begin with the Academic Procession followed by the National Anthem, Invocation, Opening of Convocation, Vice Chancellor’s Report, Award of Degrees, Singing of the Scroll, Presentation of the Meritorious Awards & Medals, Pledge by Graduates, Presidential Remarks, Chief Guest Address, Academic Procession Leaves the Dais, Photography and finally the event will be concluded with the Dinner session.

The 4th Convocation Ceremony can be witnessed live on YouTube.

Date: 16th December 2017
Time: 3:30 PM to 7:00PM EST

Simply click the link below from your computer, mobile device  to watch it LIVE

Watch it LIVE

Here is a glimpse of the previous Convocation ceremonies hosted by TAU: 



Relieved after Board Exams?
Anxious of the Exam Results?
Confused of What NEXT?

Usually, students are unaware of the fact that high school is the crucial stage of building a career. They take the decision with puzzled and ambiguous mind and end up selecting a wrong stream thereby opening the door to worst consequences in the long-term career prospects.

Selecting the right stream has a long-lasting influence on a student’s future. It has been often observed student start hating their subject after some time or quit their subject midway or start feeling frustrated about the wrong move or decision.

The decision they once took out of peer pressure or parental pressure or due to lack of knowledge now becomes the burden of their life. Hence, it is very important for any student to choose the stream carefully for better career prospects in future.

How to choose the right stream for your dream career

Choosing the right stream after High School or ‘O’ level remains one of the toughest decisions in one’s career. Your scores or marks are, of course, a reflection of your capabilities, but they should not be the sole reason for choosing a stream.

Let’s try and understand some of the critical factors that would help you achieve your dream career goal


  • The first stage of choosing the right stream is self-awareness
  • Identify your interest and understand your aptitudes and skills
  • Analyse and take a decision

Example scenario:

Do I really like maths? (To identify the interest)
Am I good at maths? (To judge the skills)
Can I be good in maths if I get all coaching and guidance? (To understand the aptitude, i.e. ability to reach the required skill)


Here is the Simple Formula for a Successful Career – Explained by Google CEO Mr.Sundar Pichai based on his real-life experience

Discussion with your seniors/parents/teachers:

  • Sometimes students take wrong decisions due to lack of knowledge. So, guidance from experts and experienced people always matters.
  • A healthy discussion with parents and conveying about own real happiness should not be missed out during this phase.

Decision making and taking action:

  • Final stage of selecting a stream
  • Choosing the correct stream makes a substantial improvement in one’s career path hence get suggestions from people
  • There is no good and bad stream and a lot of opportunities are there in every field. One just needs to put all his/her efforts to make a successful career.

Enjoyed reading this article? Now you should be ready to choose your right stream for your dream career, aren’t you?

Lets Find Out

A Doctoral Degree in Public Health?

Know Your Facts

PhDs are a big investment of a student’s time, efforts and money. Numerous universities are offering online distance course in doctoral programs to create professionals who would make a difference in the world communities. It is therefore prudent to learn about the field of their study before making any decision. Let’s learn about the Doctoral Degree in Public Health to help students scrutinize their career options carefully.

Why a PhD in Public Health?

PhD in Public Health Degree is an advanced study in the field of public health, which prepares professionals in handling the administration, teaching, research or practice abilities as well as in advanced analytical and conceptual capabilities where it may be required. The professionals in this field are responsible for identifying health trends, collecting its data to ensure people are educated about the risks of unhealthy living conditions and diseases borne out of it. They are entrusted with the task of improving the health of communities, illness prevention and advocating the cause of good health.

Career Options

The Doctoral of Public Health Degree holders choose their dissertation topics based on the field of their interest in which they wish to embark their careers. Students have the following options to go for a career.

    • Health policy analysts – Conduct research and analyze the situation of health in an area. They assess the health policies of a government and advise them to design laws that could prove beneficial to making health benefits accessible for all.
    • Epidemiologists– They study the outbreak of diseases in a population and suggest remedies to cure the affected and prevent its future outbreaks.
    • Public Health Educators – They work to create awareness among communities about health risks or teach the next generation of leaders who will substantially bring a change in the public health.
    • Biostatisticians– They collect data and utilize it to analyze instances of health issues like diabetes, cancer and the outbreak of other serious diseases in communities. Their research findings are converted into statistical tables for the help of other professionals.

Following is a detailed analysis of the career options and other details. Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS); **PayScale.com

Alternative Careers

Environmental Scientist: Use their knowledge to protect human health and environment. They responsible for the collection of data, plan development, and sharing the information achieved with the government, business or the public. They work with the state or government, but can also be independent consultants.

Healthcare Administrator: A Healthcare Administrator is employed in the hospitals, nursing homes or clinics as they support the physicians in coordinating the health issues reported Social Worker.

Research and Academia: They dedicate their life to research about the raging issues of bioterrorism, vaccines, healthcare outcomes, mental health and social behavior. They constantly search for answers to the epidemic that is ensuing in the public life.

Dr.Eric Gyamfi has changed his career with a Doctoral degree in Public Health from Texila American University

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Is Pharmacy best for me?

It is true in every sense. You can take heart from the fact that in the Mckinsey report it has been mentioned that there is a wealth of opportunity for pharmacy in Africa.
In fact, Africa has been touted as the continent of opportunity for pharma.


There are many factors support this fact. On one side the urbanization has expanded phenomenally and there is a massive increase in population, on the other side the capacity of people spending on healthcare is increasing in leaps and bounds. Added to these factors, there is a significant improvement in logistics infrastructure.

One another very important factor is – there is substantial increase in healthcare capacity in Africa. The metrics says that between 2005 and 2012, seventy thousand new hospital beds, sixteen thousand doctors, and sixty thousand nurses have been added to healthcare capacity. (Courtesy: Mckinsey report).

Pharmacy aspirants have umpteen opportunities

The scope for pharmacy aspirants is surging upwards in tandem with the increase in healthcare capacity and the penetration of pharma across Africa. Opportunities are aplenty for the ones who really wish to get into pharma sector. The avenues are really unlimited.

See the list below to know where you can work as a pharmacist:

  • Government agencies
  • Compounding pharmacy
  • Community pharmacy
  • Hospital pharmacy
  • Clinical pharmacy
  • Industrial pharmacy
  • Consulting pharmacy
  • Ambulatorycare pharmacy
  • Regulatory pharmacy
  • Home care pharmacy

When it comes to what type of career option you can choose, the list is long again. Depending on your interest, you can work in Retail Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Long-term care, Nuclear Pharmacy, Home Infusion and Chemotherapy, or Pharmaceutical Benefit Management. There are more still.

Do you want to know why pharma is apt for you?

If you ask why pharma is right for you, there are multiple positive reasons that favor pharma. As a pharmacist, you will be treated as some of the most highly trusted professionals.

You may wonder why?

It is because of the health-related services you provide. You will be the most sought person among your circle for health-related advice.
Being a pharmacist, you will have excellent earning potential and career growth.
Doctor or Pharmacist – Are you confused?

If you are confused with whether to become a doctor or a pharmacist, you need to first check your aptitude. As a matter of fact, we cannot draw the parallels between these two professions. Because – both are almost equally lucrative, both have abundant scope, and both have almost similar social status.
As said earlier, it all depends on your aptitude. But one thing can be said certainly is – if you pursue pharmacy, you will have no regrets, in turn, you will have guaranteed satisfaction professionally and financially as well.

Now the Choice is Yours! 

Make your Smart Move

Anxious, panicked and scared? How to deal with exam results stress…

exam results stress...

Anxious, panicked and scared? How to deal with exam results stress…

Feeling stressed about results is very normal but you should also remember that stressing out yourself will not help you as the outcome cannot be changed.

Waiting for exam results can be a nerve-wracking experience – especially when you are expecting results from exams.

It is that time of the year when students like you are anxious about the phase of their lives that they are about to enter.

In their conquest to strive for a niche, students end up stressing themselves to the extent that they mess up their lives.

Well it is easy to tell students like you to remain stress free on your result day but when one thinks about the d day it freaks out even today. Feeling stressed about results is very normal but you should also remember that stressing out yourself will not help you as the outcome cannot be changed. With the submission of your answer paper your fate has already been decided.

If worrying about the exam results is freaking you out; check out these tips.

How to Identify stress symptoms

  • If you are falling sick very often without any reason
  • Constantly worrying about your results
  • If you feel afraid when someone talks about your future
  • If you detach yourself from your friends

    (Source : BBC Newsbeat)

    Here are a few ways to de-stress yourselves:

  • Stay calm and let go: As things can’t be changed so stressing out yourselves about the situation won’t work. Therefore keep calm and let go.
  • Breathe: When you hear about results and fear starts to take over, sit down and breathe deeply. Have a sip of cold water.
  • Talk to yourself to relax: Talk as if you would talk to a 2 year old, in a sweet and lovable manner. “OK! Calm down…you’ll be alright.” – is one of the things you can tell yourself.
  • Exercise: Take a brisk walk or jog. Consider swimming. Exercising is not only helpful for your physical health; it also can reduce stress.
  • Food: While people suggest that during this period you should have healthy food, but I would suggest you to go for something tasty and interesting.
  • Avoid over thinking: Try to avoid over thinking and revising the answers you have written in the examination.
  • Visit good friends: Try and visit friends who will encourage you and give you good idea to strive for excellence in your future. Have fun, do some creative activity and go for outings these activities can keep your mind off the exam stress.

For the parents

  • Your child is special purely because he/she is your child.
  • You may have expectations from your child but realize and accept that your child is not you.
  • Your child is more important than what he/she does or achieves.
  • What people might think or say is less important than how your child feels.
  • Think about going to a counsellor or psychologist if you feel your child is stressed or even if you don’t know how to help your child.
  • Remember, your opinions are most important for your child. Your child is more likely to succeed in life if you accept him/her.

Hope these steps help you de-stress yourselves and head towards a better future.
Stop Worrying About What Can Go Wrong, And Get Excited About What Can Go Right.

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