Caribbean Medical School Listed WHO & IMED Directories and registered with Accredition Council

There are few medical schools available in the Caribbean region registered with the appropriate accredition councils. Texila American University is one of the most preferred Caribbean medical schools which is registered with the Accreditation Council locally, and listed with 8 major organizations like WHO. TAU is registered with NAC and listed in WHO & IMED also member of various recognition bodies.

Texila offers Health Science programs with a high-level of professionalism, exactness and problem solving skills, upon which the foundations of specialist training and an independent medical practice can be built, which facilitates further education and development of their knowledge throughout their life.

TAU Credentials or Recognitions are –

  1. Listed in WHO (World Health Organization)
  2. United Nations Global Compact program
  3. Listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED)
  4. International Association for Dental Research (IADR)
  5. Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME)
  6. International Association For Medical Education (AMEE)
  7. National Accrediation Council of Guyana (NAC)
  8. Swiss Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals (SwAPP)