Executives from Concordia College – New York visits Texila American University

President of Concordia College, New York visited Texila American University in Georgetown, Guyana on 12th December to 15th December 2013.

Prez, His wide and Ms Molinda with studentsConcordia College

130 years old heritage Concordia College located in Bronxville, New York is one of the premier institutions in the United States of America. Today, Concordia College offers comprehensive, interdisciplinary curriculum combined with real-world experiential learning opportunities, encompassing dynamic programs in various disciplines including Health Studies, Nursing, Biology, Business, Education, English, Liberal Studies, Social Sciences, and Social Work.

Texila American University is a rapidly growing institution located in Guyana, South America offering programs in Doctor of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, etc. Addressing the demands of medical education worldwide, Concordia College and Texila American University has come out with a collaboration, through which students can study their 2 years of Premedical Program at Concordia College in New York and do their 2 years of Pre-clinicals (also called as basic sciences) in Guyana and continue with their next 2 years Clinical Clerkship in various states in the United States.

During their visit, Dr. Viji George, the president of Concordia College – New York and Dr. Molinda Kearns, associate professor of Biology and Chemistry toured the campuses of Texila American University located in Goedverwagting and Woolford Avenue.  The officials also met with the students during their walk to the Classrooms, Laboratories, Library, Etc. and the lunch session with the students at Germans Restaurant.

Mr. Saju Bhaskar, the Chief Executive Officer of Texila American University highlighted that this joint-program can be of great advantage to the students who would want a mix of medical educational experience, where the students get the opportunity to study in the United States and Guyana. He also added that, medical students who would want to study MD-Doctor of Medicine outside USA can take this unique opportunity, where they only spend 2 years of time in Guyana and the rest in the USA.

Texila American University, which is known to be the one among the very few institutions in the Caribbean region to have both pre-clinical laboratories and affiliated clinical hospital with 600 + beds has now extended their program with a wider geo locations for its students through this program.

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