Global Demand for Online Education

Roughly one-in-four college graduates (23%) report that they have taken a class online. However, the share doubles to 46% among those who have graduated in the past ten years. Among all adults who have taken a class online, 39% say the format’s educational value is equal to that of a course taken in a classroom.


Why Should You choose Distance & Online Education?

A Small Statistics

  • 29% of working professional say that their online courses offer an equal value compared with courses taken in a classroom.
  • 51% of the college students’ say’s that the online courses are providing the same value as their regular course.
  • Online learning provides increased flexibility to take Under Graduation classes by 71%
  • Online learning provides the opportunity for professional adults to take up the classes while working full-time to 62%
  • Online learning increases the variety of classes in to 48%

Selection of the university should address the following:

  •  Accreditation from renowned bodies like UNESCO-IAU (United Nations Educational,    Scientific and Cultural Organization – International Association of Universities), ICDE – International Council for Distance Education, IADL – International Association for Distance Learning
  • Well defined quality and structured delivery model
  •  Student satisfaction and ratings
  • Stable and accessible platform across gadgets

A glimpse of our recognitions

  • Courses Recognized by ICDE & IADL
  • UNESCO-IAU listed
  • 3500+ Students from over 70 countries have chosen Texila
  • Proven delivery with highest quality of student’s satisfaction
  • Global Recognition
  • Unlimited access to digital contents

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Distance Learning Programs in Zambia

Zambia is a landlocked country in Southern Africa with a population of around 14.54 million. The education sector of the country needs to be developed to uplift the economy in all possible ways.


Zambia’s National Policy on Education recognizes the urgent need for a great enhancement in the sector. With only limited resources, since it is impossible to implement, Distance Learning Programs can be introduced by which the students from Zambia can get their desired education even without relocation.

According to the Central Statistical Organization (CSO), the 18-25 year age group accounts for 16.3% of the population which gives a potential demand for Tertiary and Skills Training of 1.63 million and about 300,000 youths leaving the school system each year.
Zambia faces a challenge of expanding education and training provision to respond to the needs of the growing number of children and large numbers of young people. The rising demand for education at all levels of Zambia’s education system necessitates expansion of its open and distance learning provision.

The Government of Zambia has committed to the development of open and distance learning in its policies within the context of which structures, systems, and human capacity development programs, to improve the planning and development and delivery of open and distance learning have been developed teacher upgrading.

Texila American University (TAU) Group, a Global Consortium of International Education Providers, is a leading education pioneer in the areas of Distance learning. Students from over 60 Nationalities are enrolled in our distance programs in various levels. Programs are offered in the following schools: School of Nursing, Management, Information Technology, Public Health, and Education& Many more.

There is a Great possibility for Colleges, Universities, Education providers and other bodies to Associate with TAU to offer Cost Effective, High Quality Distance programs in Zambia.

If you are interested to join hands with Texila email to

If you are interested to join TAU as student, login at and register in your programs of interest

Distance Learning Opportunities in Ethiopia

Ethiopia, a country located in the Horn of Africa with a population of around 94 million, lacks the provision of higher education due to political, social and economic aspects. In the 1960’s, access to education in Ethiopia was very low; only less than one-fifth (20%) of the school age population were enrolled for education.There were high regional and gender gaps in gross enrollment rates.In the last 15 years, Ethiopia has shown remarkable growth in the expansion of education at all levels (primary, secondary and tertiary levels). Currently, the gross enrollment rate in primary schools has reached over 95%. Enrollment in secondary schools and in universities and colleges has also increased significantly.


Unlike many other countries, Distance Learning Programs would be a necessity in Ethiopia as it would be convenient for the students from rural areas to get educated. Distance & Online Programs have the potential to reach a large number of students who would otherwise be excluded from educational opportunities.The Government of Ethiopia supports distance learning in a major Way.

With the evolution of Online Learning Platforms, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of students who pursue distance education. Especially in Ethiopia, more than SEVEN Hundred thousand (700,000)students get educated via these programs today. This demand is expected to grow and will reach about onemillion (1 Million) by the year 2016/17.

Texila American University (TAU) Group is a leading education pioneer in the areas of Distance learning. Students from over 60 Nationalities are enrolled in our distance programs in various levels. Programs are offered in the following schools: School of Nursing, School of Management, Information Technology, Public Health, and Education & Many more.

There is a Great possibility for Colleges, Universities, Education providers and other bodies to Associate with TAU to offer Cost Effective, High Quality Distance programs in Ethiopia. If you are interested to join hands with Texila email to If you are interested to join TAU as student, login at and register in your programs of interest.

TAU is now listed in the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE)

Texila American University is now an approved Institutional Member of the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE).

International Council for Open and Distance Education was founded in the year 1938 in Canada, and hold members from more than 60 different countries. It is a leading global membership organization to enhance the quality of open, distance, flexible, e-learning and online education.


ICDE’s members are of great importance in shaping of the education world-wide. The member institutions around the globe that offers the courses through Open,          Distance and Online modes of learning are listed in ICDE.

Certain criteria are considered to list the institution as a member of ICDE like size of the institution, information about the institution available in English and the International visibility of the Institution.

The main focus of the ICDE organization is to provide an overview of the main associations and network organizations around the globe in order to promote the cause of open and distance education and with proper websites.

Texila American University has earned the academic institutional membership of the International Council for Open and Distance Education which has a wide range of University network spread across the world. The students who pursue different distance and online programs in the TAU will be rewarded with the globally recognized degrees from the University which is now a member of ICDE.

ABE UK Diploma Programs in Texila

Texila has planned to provide the online tuition for the students enrolled for the ABE Diploma programs and will be implemented shortly.

ABE is the Association of Business Executives which is one of the reputed and well recognized awarding bodies in the United Kingdom. Texila has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the ABE according to which the students who pursue the ABE UK Diploma programs are eligible for the credit transfers to the Bachelors or Masters in the short term duration.

Henceforth, all the information related to the diploma courseware will be incorporated into the free online library. It would be helpful for the students to pursue the distance online programs with ease. Highlighted programs are related to the Business Management and Administration.

The students can make use of the Online Library to read free books online and for any further references. The only credential required to access the library is to have a valid email address. A new user can register with the valid email address. The existing users can login to the free online library to access the data.

The students who pursue distance education normally access the libraries online to read textbooks online and to extract data. Similarly the Learning Management System has also been introduced to complete the education processes online.

The students registered with the TAU will be provided with a username and password with which they can login and access the online library and read free textbooks online. On partnership with different recognized universities worldwide, TAU has been in the forefront providing online programs with a great deal of professionalism and exactness.

9 Reasons to Study Master Of Public Health

When trying to decide if you want to pursue Public Health graduate study, you may not know all of the reasons why you should do it. You may think a Masters in Public Health degree could not possibly help you either get a job in the public health field or further your already established career in public health, but it can. Here are just a few of the ways getting a graduate degree in public health can help you:

  1. To gain more knowledge in your career field – Continuing education is a great way to gain more knowledge in your career field. This is true even for the Public Health field. Issues in Public Health are always changing and there is no better way to keep yourself abreast of the changes than by getting an MPH degree
  1. To change careers – If you want to enter the Public Health field and are in another career field that is not health-based, then you will likely want to get an MPH degree. This will give you the knowledge you need to successfully change your career.
  1. To make yourself more marketable in the job field – Of course, if you have already gotten a bachelor’s degree in public health, you may find that you need a Masters in Public Health degree to make yourself more marketable on the job market. Many places deem graduate study as a good indicator of how committed a person will be to a particular job.
  1. To become an instructor in your career field – Some people employed in Public Health may feel the call to become an instructor. If this is the case, then you will need at least a Masters degree, but a Doctorate degree would be even more beneficial. However, you can become a college instructor with a Masters in Public Health degree. This reason is a major reason why some people pursue graduate studies in Public Health.
  1. Prepares you for leadership in your field – Another good reason to continue your studies in Public Health at the graduate level is that it prepares you to become a leader in the field. Getting a Masters degree is a good way to enhance your resume and get a supervisory position. Of course, you will still need plenty of experience in the Public Health field you are seeking a supervisory job in, but the Masters degree will help you get the job as well.
  1. Enhances communication skills – Getting a Masters degree in Public Health will also enhance your communication skills. Of course, if you already work in the public health field, your communication skills should be great anyway, but graduate study will polish them to near-perfection. You have to be able to communicate well to get your point across in classes, especially if you are seeking your MPH degree online.
  1. Helps you become a better problem-solver – If there is one thing that getting a Masters degree will do for you, it is that it will help you become a better problem-solver. You may be wondering how this is possible, but stick with me. Graduate study is designed for working adults. This means that you will have to balance work, family and school – among other obligations. You will have problems come up, either in class or outside of it, which will need to be solved as quickly as possible. Your work in a graduate program will help you come up with better ways to solve these problems by giving you critical thinking skills.
  1. For a promotion – Some people simply want to get a Masters degree in Public Health so they can get a promotion. There is nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of students in MPH programs who are there for the exact same reason. Some employers will even guarantee a promotion to an employee if they continue their education.
  1. To further expand your specialties if you are in another health-related field – If you are already working in Public Health in a field like administration and would like to get into the field of Public Health Policy or Infectious Disease, you may find that an MPH degree will help you with your career aspirations. Furthering your Public Health education can better prepare you for entering another field within your career.

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