Living with a rare disease

Rare Disease Day 2017

Millions around the world suffer from rare diseases that attract little attention in the public arena. On February 28th, those who endure these often-neglected illnesses will take centre stage in a global observation of Worldwide Rare Disease Day. This is an important day for increasing awareness of the many challenges unique to rare diseases.

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What’s great about Rare Disease Day???

It focuses on the whole spectrum of rare diseases, and hopefully will prompt increased advocacy and better representation for all rare disorders.

Any illness that affects a small portion of the population is considered a rare disease, also known as an orphan disease. Although rare and genetic diseases, and many times the symptoms, are uncommon to most doctors, rare diseases as a whole represent a large medical challenge.

  • African trypanosomiasis, also known as sleeping sickness is a rare disease that occurs regularly in some regions of sub-Saharan Africa with the population at risk being about 70 million in 36 countries. As of 2010, over 9000 deaths per year have been reported. An estimated 30,000 people are currently infected with an average of 7,000 new infections per year. More than 80% of these cases are in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive (FOP) is an extremely rare connective tissue disease. The disease is caused by a mutation of the body’s repair mechanism, which causes fibrous tissue. As of 2017, approximately 800 cases of FOP have been confirmed worldwide making FOP one of the rarest diseases known.

Here are some facts about rare diseases that you may not already know:

  • Rare diseases impact more people than AIDS and cancer combined
  • 95% of rare diseases do not have a single drug
  • Only 15% of rare diseases have organizations or foundations providing support or driving research

Paying tribute to the millions of families whose daily lives are impacted, and who are living day-by-day, hand-in-hand with rare disease patients.

A Person’s Disease May Be RARE but Their Hope Should Not Be.

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Texila Master’s Degree Enhances Professor’s Career Opportunities

For Professor Rodrick Sakamba, Texila American University (Texila) Zambia provided the perfect opportunity that he was looking for, a professional advancement in his career.

Thus, the Professor enrolled into the University’s Master’s Degree in Management program, from which he graduated in 2015. This programme is essential because it provides an integrated set of learning opportunities for students interested in mastering the skills and knowledge necessary for effectively participating in and managing modern organizations.

“Graduating from Texila Zambia has already yielded benefits for my career as it has given me a promotion and career development,” Professor Sakamba said.

Before embarking on this career defining learning opportunity, Professor Sakamba was the Dean of Business in a renowned University. However, the elevation of Texila Zambia qualification has lifted him to the Post-Graduate Director of the university in order to manage the university’s postgraduate programs.

The Professor, who attained his qualification through Texila Zambia’s Distance and Blended Learning Program (DBLP), encourages new students going to the university to help them make the most of their time by reminding them that Texila Zambia is one of the modern international Universities with vast teachings aids such as Moodle facility well suited for e-Learning.

“Texila Zambia’s mode of study through blended learning makes it easy to for the student to study and adapt with the environment of the university, as student coordinators and lectures always give maximum academic support to every student, thus, making it easy for the student to both study and work at the same time,” Professor Sakamba added.

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Professor Sakamba further praised the depth of Texila’s BRICS Model as excellent and easy to follow. Texila’s acclaimed BRICS Model is a uniquely designed teaching and learning method of delivering DBLP that is block based and that ensures a dedicated learning of one course at a time for a specified period. For this reason, Texila Zambia has one of the highest graduation rates.

Professor Sakamba, who after his graduation from Texila Zambia got accepted to study the PhD in Educational Psychology programme with a renowned University in Mexico, further advised the university to explore further its marketing as there were currently very few universities in Africa, particularly in Zambia, that have reliable E-learning facilities.

“Let it be known,” the Professor concluded, “Texila Zambia was been the paradigm shift for my career development.”

With his current elevated level after graduating from Texila Zambia, Professor Sakamba supervises PhD Students in various Research papers in addition to updating and designing new curriculums in various programmes, reinforcing total quality management in the institution, and implementing quality assurance in the training.

Professor Sakamba’s View on Key Advantages of Studying with Texila:

  • Globally Recognized University
  • International Standard Curriculum
  • Enables paradigm shift in career

Enroll for Texila Zambia’s March 2017 Intake


Give Wings to Your Knowledge Scouting

“Give Wings to Your Knowledge Scouting”
Join the Free Webinar & Unlock the Possibilities

The year 2016 gave us a diverse range of experiences, many got into our milestones and few gave us good learnings. We have seen a significant growth in 2016 with encouraging runs.

We are organizing a Free Webinar on 5th January, 2017 . The uniqueness, value, importance and excitement surround this webinar lies in its internationally acclaimed presenter, Dr. Prabhat Srivastava, a Three Time Post Graduate and a Licensed International Financial Analyst from the International Research Association, USA.


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The free webinar, entitled Give Wings to Your Knowledge Scouting, will address the most prominent concerns of working class people, which include how they can learn whilst continuing to earn a living and without jeopardising their careers in attaining a higher education qualification.

This free webinar has been conveniently scheduled for 6.30 PM (IST) in Texila’s acclaim brand of Bringing Education to Life for you without compromising your earning power.

Moreover, the convenience of this scheduled time will allow for the answering and satisfying of all queries including the concept for higher-level thinking, and how to embody a “nothing is impossible” attitude imbued in those that know that impossible is a word that simply says, “I am Possible.”

Key Topics that will be covered

  • Why we need higher education even when we have higher positions at work
  • Why we need value addition to our knowledge
  • Teaching concept for higher-level thinking
  • How we can “learn while earn”
  • Why we talk about new ideas, thoughts, innovations and from where it will come
  • How we can justify that earth is like a globe and education provides the wings to take a round in a minute
  • What we need “End knowledge or Endless knowledge”
  • Continuous walk on learning path will make you efficient & effective human asset for your organisation
  • How the online programs help you to overpass your peers
  • Teaching social & academic skills through online, let’s go “Think less ,learn fast”
  • Nothing is impossible even the impossible word says “I am Possible.”

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Critical Components you need to check before joining a Medical University

The trend of pursuing medical studies abroad is gearing up at a steady pace and is gaining momentum every year. As a result of this, many students and parents are being presented with a variety of options in terms of medical universities abroad, putting many in a dilemma, as to which destination to choose.

There are several factors to consider while choosing the University Abroad for Medical Studies. Exposure in terms of clinical rotation will be a biggest challenge as most of the countries (China, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines) have less than 8% of English speaking population – interaction with the patients will be challenging task which plays a critical role in exposure while they study. Another critical factor is the Local Medical Council Recognition of the University!


Texila American University is listed in Medical Council of India (MCI) and Medical Council of Guyana (MCG).

How important are the local medical council registrations for a Medical University?

Students who pursue medical studies abroad must clear their screening test conducted by Medical Council of their respective country before they start practicing as a doctor.

The Local Medical Council ensures that doctors who have qualified abroad and wish to work in their home country, have obtained the appropriate qualifications from a recognized University and can practice in their home country.

What other major recognition can a Student look for?

Some of the Major recognition’s that a student looks at a University include the following:


Texila American University

World Health Organization (WHO)

Texila is listed in WHO – AVICENNA Directories

National Accreditation Council of Guyana (NAC)

Texila is recognized by NAC Guyana

Medical Council of Guyana (MCG)

Texila is listed in MCG

Medical Council of India (MCI)

Texila is listed in MCI

Pass Ratio of Medical Council Screening Tests

Upon successful completion of the program with the University, students have to clear the Local Medical Council Exams to practice as a Doctor in their home country. Texila has a history of 100% pass ratio for the Local Medical Council Exams from India and Nigeria. Students graduated from Texila had cleared their Local Medical Council Exams in their first attempts itself.

The quality of medical education offered should be your top priority. One need to look at couple of things like the facilities at the institution, curriculum, assignment submission patterns, faculties, research publications, lab and library facilities etc..

Explore More about Medicine Program at Texila

The moment you decide you want to pursue a career in medicine, you know you are expected to go through a lot of hard work, and inevitably many hours of study. However, all your effort will be worth it in the end. After all, being a doctor is one of the noblest and most rewarding professions in the world.

Texila American University – the institution with a proven track history of quality education is authenticated and Recognized by many awarding bodies which makes the degree globally valid.

Thousands of happy, successful and satisfied students from across 70+ countries have chosen us for their upskilling needs.

 Join Texila and Prepare to Become a Globally Certified Doctor

Nursing Specialties to Explore with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Due to growing demand, the healthcare job market is rapidly expanding. A career in nursing gives you the opportunity to combine personal compassion with professional skill. It’s also a career with great earning potential and job security.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, Nursing  is listed among the top occupations in terms of job growth through 2022. The Nursing workforce is expected to grow from 2.71 million in 2012 to 3.24 million in 2022, an increase of 526,800 or more.

college of nursing

 Explore Nursing programs at Texila

If you are looking to explore your nursing career, or are interested in an expanded role within the nursing field, consider one of these specialties mentioned below:

Clinical Nurse Leader: Advanced generalist registered nurses bring a high level of clinical competence and knowledge to the point of care.

Perinatal Nurse: Perinatal nurses work in clinics, hospitals, and even home care agencies.

Critical Care Nurse: The Nurses practice in hospitals, but will be trained to work anywhere patients require complex assessment and therapies, high-intensity interventions and support.

Nurse Practitioner (NP) : Nurse practitioners specialize in a population (e.g., family, adult-gerontology, pediatric, and psychiatric mental health).

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) :  These professionals provide direct patient care and influence outcomes by providing expert consultation and implementing systemic quality improvement programs.

Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM): Nurse midwives work in structured clinical settings such as hospitals, but also in the community promoting women’s and family health.

Nurse Executive: Nurse executives are senior-level leaders who shape the clinical practice in their organizations by defining a strategic vision and influencing movement toward that vision by all stakeholders.

Nursing Educator: Nursing educators teach in formal academic settings with students preparing to become nurses or with professional nurses who are getting advanced degrees. They also can work in hospitals and other health care agencies where they focus on professional development and continuing competency of nurses

Clinical Trial Nurses : Clinical trials are large research studies, sometimes multi-site, that seek to determine the safety and efficacy of health treatments and strategies such as drugs, devices, or protocols.

Texila American University offers Nursing Programs in Regular mode – Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in the Guyana Campus.

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Your dream of becoming a Doctor demands your 30 minutes of Time on 2nd September 2016

Dreaming of Becoming a Doctor? But think it’s too late?

Texila – Your Pathway for a Successful Career in Medicine

Meet our Academic Expert Through Facebook Live Streaming & and get your doubts clarified

Doctor is a word, when heard by anyone can immediately develop respect in the heart. It is the noblest profession in all the professions available throughout the world. Being a doctor is having the responsibilities more, than the privilege.

For many students with a strong science background and a desire for a career that is both personally fulfilling and financially rewarding – Medicine is the obvious choice of degree.  The demand and shortage of physicians makes this one of the most competitive professions globally.

zambia live stream 100kbWe value your dream of becoming doctor!

So, here is an opportunity to Meet our Academic Expert at Texila American University who has counselled over 1500 students from 30+ Countries through Live Facebook Streaming on 2nd September at 5 PM to 6 PM Zimbabwe Time and Be Successful in your Journey Towards Becoming a Doctor

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An Eye-Opener for Your Doctor Dream – Meet our Academic Expert Through Facebook Live Streaming

Renowned Speaker with 15 years of Industry expertise who has counselled over 1000 students from across the Globe

It would be a childhood dream for most of the people to become a doctor but due to non-availability of required funds / Limited Availability of seats and for various other reasons the decisions are changed or postponed.
“Doctor is a word, when heard by anyone can immediately develop respect in the heart. It is the noblest profession in all the professions available throughout the world. Being a doctor is having the responsibilities more, than the privilege.”

We value your dream of becoming doctors!

live stream

 Texila – Your Pathway for a Successful Career in Medicine

Lot of options are available today to Study Medicine Abroad – be it in China, Russia, Philippines or Ukraine. But the ground reality of students pursuing Medicine in these countries is that Only less than 5% of them clear their local medical council exams.

So, here is an opportunity to Meet our Academic Expert at Texila American University through live Facebook Streaming at 5 to 6 PM IST and Be Successful in your Journey Towards “Becoming a Doctor”

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Student from One more country added to Our Count

We have added one more country to our list……

“We strongly believe on “Our Footprint, Our Future, Our Growth”

– When a new country adds to our portfolio, We understand and unleash the opportunity to educate, enlighten and engrave the knowledge and life skills thirst of students & professional community with a New Culture, Environment & Learning needs.”

Texila American University has marked its prominence in Brazil by enrolling the first student for the Doctor of Medicine (MD) 5.5 years program from Brazil for the September 2016 Intake.

Explore More About Our Medicine Programs


Being South America’s renowned Medical University, Texila has been recognized among the top choice of the students who wish to Study Medicine in the Caribbean. With the gaining popularity of quality education, Texila has enrolled more than 4000+ students so far for its Campus based programs.









Pharmacists On Demand

Pharmacists represent the third largest health professional group in the U.S. With a Bachelor degree in Pharmacy (B Pharm), some pharmacists work in non-patient care settings as well (e.g., teaching, research, and administration).

“Whether in hospital, retail or public health sector, pharmacists play an important role in counselling patients, reducing medication errors and providing assistance with accuracy. The role of pharmacists is thus far greater than simply filling and dispensing prescribed medications. A forecast report from American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) says that there will be a shortfall of as many as 157,000 pharmacists by 2020”. 

The subject of pharmacy has evolved as a multidisciplinary curriculum with the emergence of the concept of “global healthcare”. The growth of patient care responsibilities has created the need to study pharmacy programs to research disease process, acquire Pharmacotherapy knowledge and to improve patient monitoring skills.


 TAU launched Pharmacy program for school students and D Pharm holders to upgrade to B.Pharm.

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Medications and drug therapies, identification of new uses for existing medications, increased numbers of authorized prescribers, increased affordability and availability of more generic drugs and more.

Not surprisingly, this growth generated a demand for pharmacists in hospitals and clinics, as well as in retail, government, and academic settings. Because growth of the workforce had not kept pace with the demand for services – due in part to the lack of growth in educational opportunities for many years – a nationwide pharmacist shortage developed in the late 1990s.

No matter where in the country a young pharmacist wanted to settle down, the number of jobs available far exceeded the number of people qualified to fill them. 

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Dreaming of Becoming a DOCTOR?

Texila Conducts Scholarship Exam & Seminar in UAE

Texila American University, a renowned International Medical University, with its campuses in UAE, Zambia and Guyana conducts the Scholarship Exam in UAE for the aspiring students who wish to become doctors. With the huge demand for our programs in UAE, we are conducting a Scholarship Exam and Seminar in UAE to address your queries and clarifications. We, along with our Academic Advisors are here to assist and Guide you in the Enrollment Process throughout.


Event Details:
Date: 6th August 2016

Texila Education Consulting And Management Service FZE
C/O. India Trade & Exhibition Centre m.e
Office No. 106, P.O. Box 66301, Sharjah,
United Arab Emirates.
Phone: +9716 5939568

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