Texila American University conducts Spot Admission in Baharain

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Texila American University, one among the para que es buena la viagra rapidly growing International Medical Universities has wide range of programs to uplift your career to greater heights. 4000+ students from over 70 countries have chosen us so far and the numbers are growing.

We have seen a huge demand for our programs which is why we thought we will meet you in person and address your queries. We along with our academic advisors are here in your city to assist and guide you in the enrolment process.


For more details, contact +971507956127 and we will be delighted to assist you.

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Texila American University participates in IIK Education Expo 2017

Opportunity to become a Preferred Healthcare Professional is just around the corner!

Doctor is a word, when heard by anyone can immediately develop respect in the heart. Medical profession is considered a noble profession and the doctors have been always compared and equated next to God.

Being South America’s leading Medical University we viagra mastercard are proud to be a part of the noble profession by rolling out responsible doctors/nurses/pharmacists to the society every year. On this occasion, we are delighted to share that we are participating in the IIK Education Expo 2017 to nourish your dream.

We have seen a huge demand for our programs which is why we thought we will meet you in person and address your queries. We along with our academic advisors are here in your city to assist and guide you in the enrolment process.


For more details, contact +96566095492 and we will be delighted to assist you. 

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It’s the CELEBRATION OF SUCCESS! Celebrate and Reminisce with Us

Texila Celebrates “Student Success Week”

2016 has been a momentous year for Texila American University, as not only did the University commemorate in style its 6th Anniversary, but it established State-of-the-Art Campuses in Lusaka, Zambia and Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, in addition to the Guyana campus.

In continuing with this remarkable year, Texila is celebrating Student Success Week, with the intention of allowing all its students the opportunity to share their success stories and remarkable achievements with all our global students’ community from 70+ Countries.

As Texila continues to grow and achieve success at an unprecedented rate, it understands the value of acknowledging the hardworking student body that made given it one of the highest pass rates of an institution.

Photography contests

Students are given the opportunity to post photographs of their choice and the best image will be selected for rewards. Students have been giving their active participation in the contests.




Photography contests – Participation’s

[ctt template=”8″ link=”5hqiz” via=”no” ]Students’ satisfaction is important to institutional success and enrollment of additional students https://ctt.ec/5hqiz+[/ctt]

Sharing Achievements

As a part of the celebrations, Students are advised to share their professional achievements which would pave way for greater heights in their journey.


 Students sharing their Professional Achievements with Texila

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In addition to the above, several other events are also being organized. It includes debates, poetry competition, innovation challenges, art, drawing and painting competitions and many more.

Moreover, Soft Skills Training on 21st Century Skills, Time Management, Critical Thinking, Online Learning Tips and Technology Skills will be provided to all participants of this must-not-miss week of activities. 


Students actively participating in the Games organized as a part of Student Success Week”

 The active participation of the Students in all the Activities organized by Texila as a part of the Students Success Week makes it a fun-filled and knowledge sharing experience for the students. To encourage the participation, the students will be ranked based on their performances and the top ranked participant will be rewarded at the end of the Event.

So far more than 600 students have showcased their active participation in the events organized for the “Students Success Week”.

The famous quote on Education by Nelson Mandela says, “Education is the weapon which you can use to change the world”. With the higher education sector becoming increasingly competitive, the University Student Satisfaction has become an important component of  Quality Assurance. Students’ satisfaction is important to institutional success because this satisfaction supports the enrolment of additional students.

Here is a Glimpse of What Our Students Say: 


 TAU is one institution I have come to admire so much. A citadel of knowledge, learning and for accomplishment. Happy Texilian!

Amina Jangu Alhassan 


 I am so glad that I belong to the TAU family. After so many years of aspiring finally my dream came true this year. Happy Anniversary to TAUFasogbon Grace Ibukun

I am really enjoying my studies at TAU. First, my Coordinator is very nice, the course is very interactive, topics are interesting., This is a completely different way of learning. Online Education. Intellectual diversity is really nice. I would like to convey that the activities organized by the University are awesome. I would recommend this School to my friends.Nebiyu Lera Alaro

Congratulations, you made it through! Because it’s a big accomplishment. It may be tough for some, and for others it may be the best time yet. It’s time to put your best foot forward! 

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Beyond Coding: IT Careers Today

The information technology industry employs nearly 6 million individuals across a range of  industries, from technology to healthcare, finance and education. As an occupational field, information technology is projected to be one of the fastest growing industries, collectively producing over 50 percent additional job openings   between 2012 and 2022. IT sector employs more than 5.7 million workers in both technical and non-technical occupations.


Today, a large percentage of the population is familiar with the computer technologies. For the past decade, IT sector has seen a growing demand for the requirements in filling the Job Opportunities. Information Technology programs fall within the spectrum of Computer Science and Business. With the rapidly changing fields with strong demand, it covers a broad range of job opportunities, apart from coding.

Keep Aside Your Excuses and Join Texila Today!

If you decide to acquire degrees in computer science, programming or software, you will have a good chance of succeeding. Trends have shown that this field is constantly expanding. These days, it’s a good idea to get involved with new-age computer hardware, software and the Internet.

Demand for software developers will be the strongest in this period, with increases ranging from 28% to 32%, depending on the type of software development.   Demand for database administrators and IT managers are expected to increase by 31%, with 55,800 jobs being added this decade as enterprises endeavor to cull valuable information from an ever-growing mountain of data.

Here’s a look at the projections and career Prospects for various tech jobs:

  • Database administrators: Demand for database administrators is expected to increase by 31%, with 33,900 jobs being added.
  • IT managers: For IT managers, employment is projected to increase by 55,800 jobs, or 18%, to 363,700 jos by 2020.
  • Help Desk or Technical Support: The healthcare industry’s growth and its shift to electronic records will demand for more computer support specialists, a job category that includes help desk personnel. From 607,000 people employed in computer support in 2010, the number is expected to grow to 717,000 by 2020.
  • Systems analysts: It is expected to grow by 22% through 2020, due to the widespread to the spread of mobile networks and the expanded use of computerized healthcare tools.
  • Software developers: The bureau forecasts that the number of software development jobs will increase by 30%, or 270,900, through 2020.

……. The list goes on!

These facts and figures are evident enough to prove the growth of the IT jobs in the upcoming years.  There are handful opportunities for talented IT professionals across a range of exciting and innovative disciplines.

Pursuing a degree in Information Technology (IT) or Computer Science is a great idea for your future career. According to U.S. News & World Report, six of the 25 Best Jobs for the next decade are in the technology field.

Range of Information Technology Programs at Texila

  • Bachelors in Information Technology (2 years)
  • Masters in Information Technology (2 years)
  • Masters in Computer Science (2 years)
  • PhD in Information Technology (3 years)
  • PhD in Computer Science (3 years)

So, what are You Waiting for?

Keep Aside Your Excuses and Join Texila Today!

 (Source: IT Industry Outlook)

(Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Texilians Received Medical Council Registration in Nigeria …

Time to Celebrate the Achievement of our Students

Dear Students you have made us proud!

Doctor is a word, when heard by anyone can immediately develop respect in the heart. Medical profession is considered a noble profession and the doctors have been always compared and equated next to God. A doctor is the only person on the earth to treat a patient irrespective of caste, creed, religion, financial status, or social status. His sole responsibility should be to remove the miseries of the suffering patients.

Here we have our proud Nigerian Students who graduated from Texila American University and cleared their Medical Council Exams (Medical and Dental Council Assessment Examination (MDCN)). They have received the licence to practice Medicine in their home country. We are proud and delighted to be a part of their noble and holistic journey as responsible “DOCTORS”.

The Students who had cleared the Screening Test were:

Registration No                                     Student Name

2012010028                                         Ugochuwuku Cyprian Nzeadi

2012010031                                          Chinedu Joseph Asiegbu

2011010041                                          Beatrice Shekwolo

2012010030                                        Bonaventure Atulomah Chidera



Texila American University is one of the rapidly growing Medical Schools in the Caribbean with students from around 40 countries. With the growing demand for medical professionals around the world, Texila caters to the most in demand medical education to the students who aspire to become doctors.

We Take this opportunity to wish our students a great Success!!!


Interested to Study Medicine with Texila ? Register Now

Texilian’s receive Felicitation from Dr. K. Rosaiah the Governor of Tamil Nadu

Texilian’s receive Felicitation from Dr. K. Rosaiah the Governor of Tamil Nadu

TAU Alumni’s who pursued Post Graduate Medicine (MD/MS) in academic partnership with University of Central Nicaragua (UCN) received a “Star of KG” Award from Dr. K.Rosaiah, His Excellency the Governor of Tamil Nadu.

Students who were selected for the outstanding performances were honoured in the felicitation event include:
• Dr Rajarajan (Radiology)
• Dr Sabareesh (Radiology)
• Dr Chaitanya (Anesthesia)
• Dr Saleem Akthar (Internal Medicine)

post 1post 2 post 4 post 3Texila American University offers Post Graduate Medicine Programs in academic partnership with the University of Central Nicaragua (UCN).

Our program includes,
• MD/MS with Royal College (UK) Exams Training Program,
• Master of Medical Science (MMSc),
• MCh,
• PhD in Medicine,
• Advanced PG Diploma in Medicine and many more.

Our programs are specifically designed for professional development, aiming qualified doctors and other medical practitioners. TAU associated with many leading and premium hospitals in India for clinical trainings/postings.

Ready to Enroll? Apply now and get started on your educational journey

Asianet Radio – Interview with the Texila Regional Manager of Middle East

Texila American University Regional Manager of Middle East, Mr. Jesvin Pradeep Kumar had given an interview for the Asianet Radio.  In the Program that was telecasted in Plus Point, Mr.Jesvin shared information about Texila American University – Medicine Programs (MBBS/MD) and all the relevant details concerning the Admission Requirements. He also spoke about the Value of Medical Education to Fill the Physician Shortage in USA.


Options to pursue Clinical Rotations in USA are one of the top highlights concerning the University where the students get a pathway to settle down in USA upon clearing the USMLE Examinations.

Texila is one of the rapidly growing Medical Schools in the Caribbean with students from widely around 70 countries. With the growing demand for medical professionals around the world, Texila caters the most in demanding medical education to the students who aspire to become doctors.

Hear the Full Interview

President’s Message – 5th Anniversary of Texila

Dear All,


Saju Bhaskar.S.P - President & Founder of Texila American University
Saju Bhaskar.S.P – President & Founder of Texila American University

Since its inception in 2010, Texila American University has excelled in exploring new educational methods and has established itself as an industry leader by offering programs taught by expert practitioners, enhancing students’ ability to excel in evolving and emerging professions.  In a very short span of time, TAU had got recognitions and memberships from National Accreditation Council (NAC) – Guyana, WHO, IMED, ACU, CANQATE etc. Our Short term Goal for the College of Medicine is to Get CAAM HP Accreditation in the upcoming years.

Indeed, we, at TAU strive to customize training to target organizational pain points and concerns, yielding more successful post training results. Our vision in a rapidly changing era of healthcare reform is to educate physician leaders in patient-centered, science-driven, team-based, high-value health care. With a highly selective admissions process, inter professional team learning and a student-centered, flexible, innovative curriculum make our graduates highly sought after by residency directors.

As we move forward, Upgraded our mission and Vision, Adding new programs and new dimensions to the existing programs. We are committed to continuing: to create the best leaders, while transforming our students’ educational experience through multidisciplinary and experiential learning; to be an incubator for powerful intellectual ideas that have real world applications; and to modernize and expand our campus.

The coming academic year, like all our past years, will bring change to Texila American University with new campus being set up and excitingly new programs being introduced, TAU will continue to serve the education sector on the very best way.

Let me thank you all for your support and insight as we move forward. Educating the next generation could not be accomplished without your support.

Saju Bhaskar.S.P
Founder & President of Texila American University

Miss Guyana Universe Nikita Barker visits Texila American University

Ms. Nikita Barker paid a visit to TAU’s campus on Tuesday November 11, 2014 at the request of the reigning Mr. Texila American University at 12:00PM.

Caribbean Medical SchoolMs. Nikita Barker was greeted at the front gate by the reigning Mr. and Miss TAU, accompanied by African drumming. She took pictures there and greeted everyone downstairs.

She was escorted by Mr. and Miss TAU to our boardroom, which was set up for her to meet and greet the 2014 contestants for the Mr. and Miss TAU 2014 title. Ms. Barker took pictures in the boardroom with students and contestants alike. She was open to questions, and she took the opportunity to share pageantry advice with all of the contestants.

Lunch and refreshments was provided to her by the Student Committee. Since Miss Guyana Universe had other appearances elsewhere, she left at 1:00PM. Right before she left, Mr. Bala greeted her in the corridor and exchanged well-wishes.

Her visit was successful and the contestants gained a wealth of knowledge.