Important Facts for studying Masters in Alternative Medicine

A Master Degree in Alternative Medicine helps the student to understand various aspects of holistic and conventional medicine.

Doctors in the field of alternative medicine concentrate on illness prevention as much as they treat specific illnesses. They counsel their patients on what sort of lifestyle changes they need to make in order to decrease the risk of illness.

Demand for Alternative Medicine in Advanced Education

According to Times of India

“WHO, US interested in Ayush for alternative medicines – There has been a demand for alternative medicines the world over and efforts are on for integration of traditional medicines like Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani with allopathic for providing better treatment to patients.”

As the demand for a master’s degree in Alternative Medicine is more, people begin to realize its effectiveness and utilize its treatments, transforming alternative medicine a booming industry to get in.  In addition to making a good living, practitioners of alternative medicine enjoy satisfying and rewarding careers that affect people’s lives deeply.

A master degree program in Alternative Medicine will prepare the student with advance techniques and help them to understand the theories and Practices.  Additional to class room experience it provides internship and clinical experience.

imgpsh_fullsizeOpportunity for Master in Alternative Medicine

There are various career options for Master degree in alternative medicine, including acupuncture and oriental medicine, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine and osteopathic medicine.

According to Times of India

Equal pay ordered for MBBS, Ayurveda doctorsAyurveda doctors serving in government hospitals equal to those having MBBS degree in terms of giving higher pay scales.

The most demanding, in fact the most influential factor for a degree in alternative medicine is the attractive remunerations for the practitioners in India and abroad.

Herewith provided are the approximate and the minimal salary range for an alternative medicine professional:

Acupuncture and oriental medicine $48,816
Ayurveda Practitioner $85,050
Naturopathic Medicine $65,000

An effective practitioner of alternative medicine has the innate ability to view the body holistically, maintaining an open mind about the possible sources of an illness or condition.

 So, what are you waiting for? Earn Your Masters Degree in Alternative Medicine Today

Dreaming of Becoming a Doctor but confused with NEET?

Only NEET would enable students to get admission to MBBS or BDS in India. According to Supreme Court order for NEET entrance exam for Medical and Dental courses, the state government has to fill 85% of their Medical Seat through NEET.

Is NEET Boon or Bane?

  •     As per May 1 analysis of NEET Exam
  •     An Indian Express article says

“NEET 2016: While 40 per cent of the questions are tough, 40 per cent are medium and 20 per cent are easy. Many of the questions were beyond the scope of NCERT”

Shruti Ghule, a student said, “The Physics section was tough and lengthy, I could only attempt 25 out of 45 questions.”

The difficulty level of the questions was on the higher side compared to last year repeat exam of AIPMT.

A student who has prepared for state medical exam with this level of assessment from NEET will he is able to clear?

Can the student who prepared for State Medical Exam can clear the NEET ?

The students and parents are worried and confused about NEET today. They are uncertain about the Medical Seat allotment. Here is one more article from Indian Express say How Scary and Expensive offer is NEET.

“Coming from a humble background and having dropped a year to prepare for the state common admission test, Chandan Pawar of Ruparel College said he had lost all hope for pursuing medicine. “Coaching classes for medical entrances are very expensive. My father had taken a loan of Rs 90,000 for my tuition and now he feels helpless. Though he wants me to appear for NEET-II, I have stopped preparing and have also told him that I cannot handle the pressure of studying all the syllabus this soon,” he said.

Bhakti Shah, a student of St Joseph School, said, “We took two years’ time to prepare for the state common entrance test and then it was scrapped suddenly. Now they expect us to study for the much more difficult national-level test in a period of nine weeks.”

So what is the way out?

Need a Medical Seat without NEET?



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Planning to pursue your medicine studies abroad?

If yes, our appreciation on your decision! But we would like to share few pointers for you to narrow down on the countries of your focus….

Choosing a destination for studying abroad is a daunting task. This is a decision that can change your life. Today, Indian students travel abroad to study in large numbers, and they have become an important source of international enrollment diversity, research strength and revenue for institutions of higher education across the world. Earlier Russia, Ukraine, China and Philippines were the most preferred destination for these students. But Today, Caribbean is  the preferred choice for international students to study medicine.

What drives the Indian students to pursue Medical studies Abroad?

An important reason for many Indians choosing to study abroad is the lack of good institutions in India and growing competition for limited seats amongst the existing institutes. Very few universities in India provide good quality education and thus the challenge of securing admission in them becomes more daunting each year.

Among the Indian students in Ukraine — 70% are from southern India, Many of these students are from rural, semi-urban areas.

But How Secure are the Students in These Countries……..

There is an uncertainty over the academic future of international students studying medicine and other professional courses in Ukraine, wracked by the violent unrest.

“Recently, 2 Indian Medical Students had been stabbed to death in Ukraine. Over 5,000 Indian medical students in Ukraine have been facing security problems since the war with Russia broke out in 2014. It’s an implication about the security of the International Students abroad.” (Source: Times of India)


Caribbean – The Secure & Convenient Place For Your Medical Studies

With an education system known for its high standards throughout the country, many international students fulfill their aspirations of studying abroad by taking admission in the Caribbean. Moreover, the Option for US Residencies are specific for the Caribbean Medical Schools. Most of the Medical Schools provide you a pathway for USA Residencies through its Medicine programs.

The advantage of studying in the Caribbean is not only limited to the affordable fee of the institutes and low cost of living, but the fact that English is mostly spoken throughout West Indies makes learning easy for foreign students. The students who pursue their medical degree from countries like China or Russia often face language barrier while studying as well as living in those countries as English is not quite popular there as it is in the West Indies.

If Medicine is Your Passion and Becoming a Doctor is Your Dream, Then It’s Time You Think About Caribbean Medical Schools.

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