Medical Conferences And Their Importance While Studying Medicine

Arun Raghavendra: An MD student of Texila American University talks about his experience on attending Continuous Medical Education

TAU studentThis is a brief write up of my experiences after having attended three medical presentation and I thought why not share it with my fellow students. This write up was drafted after Mr. Balakumar, Admin Manager, TAU, asked me to put my experiences and my view about the CME lectures and their share in training to be doctor. I firmly believe medicine is not only practised as a team but also learnt as a team.

The first presentation was on the 17th of January 2014, a team of faculty from the HOWARD UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, Washington DC, United States, presented a two day series of lectures on heart diseases, effects and impacts of hearts diseases in the health care system, treatment and management. It was very informative and made me inquisitive to go and read about various patho-physiological aspects of the disease and current trends in treating and managing the same. There was also an oncology based lecture on breast cancer and recent advancements in the same which opened up a whole new avenue for study and discussion.

The second presentation was organised by the institute of health science education, GPHC and the MOH, with the participation of the University of Calgary, Canada. A team of surgeons and senior nurses and a pharmacist were visiting and they covered a spectrum of lectures in screening methods, management, treatment, primary prevention, patient care for chronic kidney diseases. Dr. Nairne scott-Douglas, Medical Director, Southern Alberta Renal Program, needs to have a special mention for his very informative and interesting series of lectures on the same. He also gave many ideas and insights for discussion and debate on the same topic. His expertise and experience were very useful in the learning exercise.

The third presentation was organised by the Medical Council of Guyana and it was very vibrant in terms Lecture subjects and discussion after each session. The session by, Dr.C.Mahadeo on lung Cancer staging and treatment strategies, with additional information on extra cardiac thoracic surgery was very interesting even to the very beginners of medicine. Other participants were renowned Doctors from Guyana, like Dr.C.Bowman, Dr.T.Alexander, who were handling a very lively and exciting session.

All the CME lectures had one thing in common; the perspective of looking at medicine in totally different angles. The team participation and healthy discussion in each of the sessions were very helpful in enabling me discover new trends in the respective topics. Medicine is a field that requires continuous updating and lifelong learning for which these CME’s are very supportive. I am looking forward to attend more and learn more. I would also recommend attending these CME’s for my fellow student friends, and also request our university to sponsor or organise such ventures to help the young doctors in their learning.