Exploring the Great Chances of Partnerships for Distance Learning Programs

Distance Learning is now familiar term and technology in different Universities – whether national or international of its kind. In the technology driven world, it is the best suited opportunities to reveal the relevance of education in the sector. Highlighted with the inter-networked computing and video interactions, it is well accepted by the people of all kinds to get advanced in their education. With a rich impact in promoting education, it has led to rapid growth in distance learning in the early ages.


How Significant are the Learning Opportunities in Distance & Online Programs

With advances in multimedia and communication technologies, distance education is being adopted by corporations as well as universities.  The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) defines distance education as “education or training courses delivered to remote (off-campus) location(s) via audio, video (live or prerecorded), or computer technologies.

Accreditation is very important!!!

Some of the (but not limited to) holding accreditations for the Online Programs include the following:

  • IADL (International Association for Distance Learning, United Kingdom)  
  • ICDE (International Council for Open and Distance Education)    
  • Global Universities in Distance Education (GUIDE Association)   

Technological Challenges for Online Education

Educators are not of one mind about distance learning. Some celebrate the potential to expand access to higher education to lifelong learners not well served by traditional place-bound courses. Others welcome the opportunity to enrich education for both on- and off-campus students by leveraging computers and networks to create a new, more active more student-centered pedagogy. Still others view distance learning as evidence of a regressive trend toward the automation of higher education and the commercialization of the academy.

To ensure the successful operation of distance education systems, computer facilities and network infrastructures must be integrated with appropriate software systems.

How to Enhance Outcomes of Distance learning Programs – It’s as simple!  Introduce Learning Management Centers to drive in Business

A Learning Management Center or an LMC would be one of the best destinations for the teaching and learning in different perspectives.

Who can become an LMC?

As far as an International University is considered, LMC has a great role to play. To become an LMC, the following norms should be satisfied:

  • Must have adequate faculty and infrastructure facilities like classrooms, computers etc., to run face to face programs (if required)
  • Must have registered their office
  • Responsible to recruit students for various programs offered by university
  • Provide learning studio and assistance to the students
  • Advertise the programs in all means (Website, Newspaper, Ads etc.)
  • Involve in local marketing to generate a good number of traffic for online programs

About Texila American University

Texila American University (TAU) is one of the most inclusive universities in the Caribbean. TAU offers Medicine and Nursing programs in its campus in Guyana. Moreover, Distance & Online programs are also offered by the University.

 How can LMC’s be benefited?

All of our programs were designed based on student interest and employer feedback to provide a better experience for graduates with marketable professional skills.

  • The center will be able to act as a local representative for the university to enroll students for different programs
  • It has the option to work with locals face to face by assuring trust and monetary appreciate for the student and the center

Texila has an extensive list of collaborative programs and is always keen to expand that list. If you would like to be our next Learning Management Center (LMC), or if you want to explore how we can help you with an opportunity, contact us and enjoy our fresh approach towards partnerships With Texila American University.