Yes!  Of course, humans have two hearts. We already know one heart which is behind the chest and pumps the oxygenated blood all over the body. So, which is the second heart..?

Functioning of the Secondary heart- Calf Muscles


The second heart is located at the backside of the lower leg/ upward of the heel. It’s the Calf Muscles. These Calf muscles are named as Soleus.

Usually, our heart pumps the blood with oxygen all over the body. Blood travels through veins to reach all over the body.  But the blood again wants to make a re-trip towards the heart. In order to get back the blood towards the heart again, the effort of heart is not enough, Also the effort of veins are also not enough because it didn’t have enough force to pump the blood as compared to that of arteries.

In this case, a calf muscle plays a prominent role in functioning as a secondary heart to push back the blood. The Contraction and relaxed state of these muscles makes the blood to force back towards the heart.

Regular exercise and avoiding the fat deposits in the calf muscles will make the circulatory system effective and makes you fresh and healthy every day. Lack of exercise or standing always in one position will make the calf muscles not to contract, this leads to the varicose vein development which leads to death due to blood clots produced in the calf muscles travel to the heart and causes immediate cardiac arrest.

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