Message from Former Minister of Health of Guyana Dr Leslie Ramasammy


“Dear All,

I wanted to take a few minutes to send my congratulations to the students that will graduate today with their medical degrees and other certifications. Texila came to Guyana when I was Minister of Health. It was not the first Medical school that came to Guyana and targeted students from other parts of the world. But it was the first medical school that was established as an Off-Shore School that showed a willingness to invest and develop a quality program. It was a school that wanted to establish a Guyanese identity while providing training for young people across the world to serve in any country. The investment in your own campus is a large part of the evidence that you want to world quality medical school.

In spite of continuing teething pains and many challenges, Texila has grown. This is testimony to the vision and hard work of its management team, led by its CEO.

The students that are graduating today deserve special mention. Pioneering and visionary work like establishing a quality medical school requires an initial group of people who are willing to take a chance with the vision. These students did so and today represent an important and indispensable part of the dream.    

To all students – remember we have a beautiful world and your contributions are important to creating better lives for people everywhere. We have important goals like ending hunger and poverty by 2030. We need to end all preventable child and maternal deaths by 2025 and we need to ensure the END of AIDS by 2025. 

You are an important part of this dream; an indispensable part of the formula for success.

Congratulations and go out as Ambassadors of Texila. God bless.”

Dr. Leslie Ramsammy

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