Mr. Siegfried Kofi Gbadago

“Have the courage to follow your intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.”

-Steve Jobs



Mr.Siegfried Kofi Gbadago, well known as Siegfried Silverman, is one of the living example of this great saying.

He consistently worked towards being a Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) after completing his Executive MBA in Management by Research – Microfinance) from Texila American University (TAU) and is now an esteemed Alumni at TAU, on top of that a renowned author at Amazon for various articles, blogs and books, for instance “Microfinance”, “Permanent Wealth”, “18 LAWS OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: The Perspective of a Savvy Chartered Certified Accountant” and many more.

Early Life of Mr. Siegfried Kofi Gbadago – Life Changing Events

Siegfried was brought up by his step-mother and from his early childhood, was very hard working & responsible. His innovation to combine his step-mother’s local food business with local crafts and weaving of baskets gave a hand reducing the burden from his step –mother’s shoulders.

Later, he joined and graduated from secondary school education in the capital city with his elder brother. Siegfried’s elder brother later grew as a professional carpenter and Siegfried assisted him in many of his elder brother’s assignments.

Here is the Turning Point of his life

One of the weekend trips had landed him into a chartered account’s place. That small introduction with the accountant gave spark to Siegfried’s desire to be A Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA). After receiving mentorship and a lot of guidance from him, Siegfried then started his accountant journey.

Siegfried was one of the consistent students to stay in the honor roll and for becoming a Savvy Chartered Certified Accountant, used to spend many hours observing and practicing various principles and laws that need to be established for effectively managing any business’ capital.

How Journalism has changed his Career

Having a keen interest for writing and belonging to a journalism background and his fine practical experience – microfinance, small business training, banking, consultancies in corporate valuations and NGOs Management – Siegfried Silverman’s written blogs are specifically aimed to help young business entrepreneurs by guiding and envisaging smart business ideas with which they can effectively make themselves a dignified amount of money.

Hope you had a good read on the story of Mr. Siegfried Kofi Gbadago.
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