TAU is now listed in the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE)

Texila American University is now an approved Institutional Member of the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE).

International Council for Open and Distance Education was founded in the year 1938 in Canada, and hold members from more than 60 different countries. It is a leading global membership organization to enhance the quality of open, distance, flexible, e-learning and online education.


ICDE’s members are of great importance in shaping of the education world-wide. The member institutions around the globe that offers the courses through Open,          Distance and Online modes of learning are listed in ICDE.

Certain criteria are considered to list the institution as a member of ICDE like size of the institution, information about the institution available in English and the International visibility of the Institution.

The main focus of the ICDE organization is to provide an overview of the main associations and network organizations around the globe in order to promote the cause of open and distance education and with proper websites.

Texila American University has earned the academic institutional membership of the International Council for Open and Distance Education which has a wide range of University network spread across the world. The students who pursue different distance and online programs in the TAU will be rewarded with the globally recognized degrees from the University which is now a member of ICDE.

TAU Pageant 2013

Texila American University recently hosted an Annual Cultural Evening on December 22nd, 2013 at the National Cultural Centre, Georgetown, Guyana. Students of Texila hailing from 35 countries celebrated and enjoyed their differences that the diversity has created for students, faculty, and staff.

The cultural evening showcased a wide range of cultural performances including classical and traditional dance, music, skit, mime, pageant show, etc. representing the traditions.

Pro-Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Dr. Prem Misir was the guest speaker and awarded the students who have proved their excellence in academics, sports and cultural events.

Medical Conferences And Their Importance While Studying Medicine

Arun Raghavendra: An MD student of Texila American University talks about his experience on attending Continuous Medical Education

TAU studentThis is a brief write up of my experiences after having attended three medical presentation and I thought why not share it with my fellow students. This write up was drafted after Mr. Balakumar, Admin Manager, TAU, asked me to put my experiences and my view about the CME lectures and their share in training to be doctor. I firmly believe medicine is not only practised as a team but also learnt as a team.

The first presentation was on the 17th of January 2014, a team of faculty from the HOWARD UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, Washington DC, United States, presented a two day series of lectures on heart diseases, effects and impacts of hearts diseases in the health care system, treatment and management. It was very informative and made me inquisitive to go and read about various patho-physiological aspects of the disease and current trends in treating and managing the same. There was also an oncology based lecture on breast cancer and recent advancements in the same which opened up a whole new avenue for study and discussion.

The second presentation was organised by the institute of health science education, GPHC and the MOH, with the participation of the University of Calgary, Canada. A team of surgeons and senior nurses and a pharmacist were visiting and they covered a spectrum of lectures in screening methods, management, treatment, primary prevention, patient care for chronic kidney diseases. Dr. Nairne scott-Douglas, Medical Director, Southern Alberta Renal Program, needs to have a special mention for his very informative and interesting series of lectures on the same. He also gave many ideas and insights for discussion and debate on the same topic. His expertise and experience were very useful in the learning exercise.

The third presentation was organised by the Medical Council of Guyana and it was very vibrant in terms Lecture subjects and discussion after each session. The session by, Dr.C.Mahadeo on lung Cancer staging and treatment strategies, with additional information on extra cardiac thoracic surgery was very interesting even to the very beginners of medicine. Other participants were renowned Doctors from Guyana, like Dr.C.Bowman, Dr.T.Alexander, who were handling a very lively and exciting session.

All the CME lectures had one thing in common; the perspective of looking at medicine in totally different angles. The team participation and healthy discussion in each of the sessions were very helpful in enabling me discover new trends in the respective topics. Medicine is a field that requires continuous updating and lifelong learning for which these CME’s are very supportive. I am looking forward to attend more and learn more. I would also recommend attending these CME’s for my fellow student friends, and also request our university to sponsor or organise such ventures to help the young doctors in their learning.

Seminar on Advancing Neonatal Intensive Care Services in Guyana


Date: February 18, 2014

Guyana Public Hospital Corporation,
The Resource Center, Guyana
South America


Dr. Christopher Ian B. Cabaiza, Dip. Ger, DPAMS, FIAMs, FICS
TAU – Associate Professor
Head of Department : Pre Clinical


Dr. Narendra C. singh, Bsc, MBBS, FPCPC,FAAP, PCCM
Chief of Pediatrics
Associate Clinical Professor
Mc Master University

TAU Participates In Education Fair at Middle East Countries

Texila American University participates in an education fair going to be held at various countries of Middle East.

Texila American University is one of the best Caribbean medical schools and situated in Guyana. The mission of the university is to break the barrier between the nations and to educate the students living in every part of the world

Middle East Education Fair

TAU regularly participates in the education fairs worldwide. At these events students can receive information and presentations of TAU

One of our Executive Mr. Dinesh Kumar – Business Development Manager will meet and encourage students. Students may ask questions directly with our representative to clarify the doubts about studying in TAU. The venue details are as follows

If you have any questions regarding education fair please visit: http://www.tauedu.org/education-fair-worldwide.html


Date     :  21st and 22nd January (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Time    :  2:30 PM to 9 PM.
Venue  :   Hotel Crown Plaza – The Business Park, Airport Road, Po Box 22080, Doha


Date     :  24th and 25th January (Friday & Saturday)
Time    :  10.30 AM to 08.00 PM.
Venue  :   Holiday Inn Kuwait, Salmiyah
140 Hamad Al Mubarak Street, PO Box 234, Salmiyah, 22003, Kuwait.

Oman, Muscat

Date     :  27th and 28th January (Monday & Tuesday)
Time    :  3.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.
Venue  :  Hotel Haffa House
P.O.Box 1498, P.C. 114, Jibroo, Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Date   : 30th January (Thursday)
Time  : 02.30 am to 9.00 pm.
Venue :   Crown Plaza Abu Dhabi
P.O. Box 3541, Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Tel      :        0097126210000

Dubai, UAE

Date     : 31st Jan and 1st Feb (Friday & Saturday)
Time    : 11.00 am to 08.30 pm.
Venue  : Crown Plaza Dubai
P.O.Box 23215
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, U.A.E

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About Texila American University

Texila American University (TAU) is one of the Caribbean medical schools situated in Guyana. It is the only English-speaking country in South America. Even though it’s a young university it provides outstanding medical programs with International curriculum and at affordable cost

The campus has an infrastructure with technical classrooms which includes digital interactive learning systems. This facilitates Texila American University to provide health care programs with an advanced level of reliability, and accuracy. As the curriculum is structured it focuses on healthcare practice and practical knowledge which would be more useful throughout the life of students. More than 500 students are registered in various online and on-campus programs.

The programs in our school are designed to the ability of knowing and managing the demands of healthcare services in the various areas of community. TAU also organized to take part in seminars & offer applications, where they can receive practical training in providing medical services

For more details visit: http://www.tauedu.org/education-fair-worldwide.html

Texila American University’s recent Annual Cultural Evening a success

Texila American University

HAILING from 35 countries, the students of Texila American University recently celebrated their differences and the opportunities that the diversity has created for students, faculty, and staff.

Last month, on December 22nd, the University hosted an Annual Cultural Evening at the National Cultural Centre, which showcased a wide range of cultural performances including classical and traditional dance, music, skit, mime, pageant show, etc. representing the traditions.

The show turned out to be a cultural extravaganza, which received wide applause and positive responses from the audience consisting of guests, parents, students and the public.

Pro-Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Dr. Prem Misir was the guest speaker at the event. He was among other distinguished dignitaries who distributed prizes for the toppers in academics, sports and cultural events.

The event started with the National Anthem at 17:30 hrs and by the time the programme ended, more than 25 colourful shows had been presented; shows to do with everyday life in diverse nations and the dressing styles of people in all walks of life were tastefully shown not only through dance but also their ever important pageant shows.

Texila University has celebrated 50 years of African-American achievements at the university, honouring the vast accomplishments of African- Americans over the past half-century.

A statement from the university said: “Educating students to achieve excellence requires our consistent focus on recruiting and retaining a diverse student body, faculty and staff. ‘Welcoming to all and hostile to none’, it’s a phrase we aspire to live by on our campus.”

The university noted that creating a welcoming environment where people are open to learning from one another lays the foundation. “We grow through conversations and experiences with people who have different beliefs and come from other places, cultures, and backgrounds,” it said.

The university also indicated that “by showing respect and finding common ground, we set the stage for the free exchange of ideas and the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual curiosity.”

New MILESTONE achieved – TAU

Texila American University, has signed agreements to set up Pre medical centers in Canada. 

CEO of Texila American University signed the agreement in a meeting at the Sheraton Hotel in Detroit.

Canadian students can enjoy studying their Pre medical program in Canada, before coming to Texila for their MD program.