TAU Launched Texila E-learning – A destination for Short-term Courses

Texila American University launched the Texila E-learning on 3rd October 2014.

Texila E-Learning is a part of Texila American University and is one of the largest distance learning platforms for the short-term courses. Short-term courses refer to those programs that last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Some can take up to a year, but this can vary depending on how concentrated the program is and what topic is being studied. It includes the Certificate Courses and Executive Certificate Courses with different specializations.


Certificate programs are shorter than graduate programs e designed to give the students the mastery over a narrow subject area or topics. In order to pursue the Certificate Short term Courses, the students should have completed the 12 years of school education. It is usually offered in undergraduate or graduate levels of education. Some of the Certificate Programs offered include Product & Brand Management, Retail Certificate Management Courses, Project Management and a lot more.

Executive Certificate programs are those programs tailored to meet the needs of leaders who seek to drive innovation, lead change, and solve complex business challenges. In order to pursue the Executive Certificate Courses, the students should have Certification from Texila American University or Institutes offering varied specializations like CMI, CIM with 3 years working experience or 2 years Diploma preferably with work experience. Some of the Executive Certificate Programs offered include Energy Audit & Management, Telecom Management, Fire Protection & Safety and a lot more.

Texila E-learning is developed to assist the students to get advanced in education for the better job opportunities.

For more details, visit the website, http://www.texilaelearning.com/