TAU Launched the First Issue (Vol I) of South American Journal of Management

TAU has launched the Volume one first issue of the South American Journal of Management on 7th March, 2015. The journal is rich in more informative and interactive content which is the result of the research done by the TAU students and other academic researchers.

Journal of Management

The South American Journal of Management publishes articles and case studies on diverse areas of management like Health Care Administration, International Business, Operations Research, Organizational Development, Entrepreneurship, etc.

Basically, the Journal of Management tries to focus on the pragmatics of Information Management practice and action, amenable and digestible to the practical action, etc. This journal encourages new perspectives and ideas based on the current research.

The journal is rich in diversified topics related to the business and management which brings awareness among the people about the business trends and principles in the industry. Such journals are of great advantage and bring a lot of recognition to the authors and researchers. The journal also includes some of the important topics like business management, human resource management, e business management and a lot more.

Other diversified articles in the issue include Analysis of how black market exchange premium affect foreign direct investment, E business and Management Science – Mutual Impacts and a lot more. The role of the producing segment of the economy; firms, is to allocate scare resources that have alternative uses efficiently but the complexity of modern day businesses has made firms to resort to devising means of optimization through maximization of profit and minimization of cost.

To know more about this informative South American academic journal, visit, http://www.tauedu.org/research-journal.html