TAU Participates in Courts 10 K Race

GEORGETOWN, Guyana – Staff and students of TAU were in full form as they gathered with other runners and scores of onlookers for the start of Courts Guyana 10 Km Road Race on Sunday, 28 September.

The event kicked off at 6:00 am in front of Courts’ Main Street office. In the starting lineup for the 10 Km race was Mr. Bala Kumar, CAO, Bonaventure Ibekwe, MD2-A and Collins Chidiebere, PM1. Chair of Student Affairs, Mr. Aminuddin Mohammad was the lone TAU contender in the 3 km race.


The race got off to a measured start with runners proceeding north to the Seawall Road, east along the Seawall Road, east along Rupert Craig Highway’s northern carriageway, then into Church Road on the Rupert Craig Highway.

As the race heated up runners proceeded onto the Rupert Craig Highway’s southern carriageway into Kitty Public Road; south on Vlissingen Road; west on Lamaha Street, south on the eastern carriageway into Main Street, before turning around at the Cenotaph to finish on the western carriageway of Main Street, the exact point that they started from.

Courts is one of the largest furniture companies in Guyana. The race which began in 2011 has become a city-wide tradition attracting some of the best runners in Guyana. Although TAU did not medal we extend warmest kudos to all those who participated.