Texila American University launched Course “Wiki”

Recently on the 2nd of December the Texila American University has launched a new course called Course Wiki. This course is initially launched for the school of Public Health PhD students. The total duration of the program is about 3 month’s i.e.  About 12 weeks.

What is wiki? This is a web application in which people can add, modify, or delete content by collaborating with others. Wiki is a kind of content management system and it differs from a blog or other systems in that the content is created without owner, and wikis have little implicit structure, allowing emerging according to the needs of the users.

What is Course wiki? The group of students from different countries will be assigned with a subject / topic; they can discuss together and divide the sub-modules among themselves and will start preparing content for those sub-modules. They will expand the sub-modules and collate in correct order to constitute whole content of that subject / topic.

The main aim or objective of the program is to develop the academic skill of students in leadership and team coordination. These skills will strengthen the students in further studies and employment

The students will imbibe the coordination and leadership skills in time, people and material organization. The whole Process of the program includes developing 8 to 10 modules and ends with the consolidation of these modules.

Texila American University invites the students to study and get benefit the coordination and leadership skills through this program especially in PhD in public health.