Texila Education Management Services (TEMS) launched US Residency Programs

Texila Education Management Services launched the US Residency Programs on 23rd September 2014.

residency program USA

Texila Education Management Services (TEMS) is specialized in providing support services for educating and guiding international medical students and graduates to prepare towards transitioning into residency programs in the United States.

The main goal is to maximize the value of your investment so you can achieve the best results in medical education and career in the US. The students will be guided on how to showcase the unique qualities and achievements, so that they can stand out in the admissions process in the US.

TEMS with its wide network of ACGME accredited teaching hospitals and clinical sites; TEMS provides the opportunity for the International Medical Graduates and Students to: Gain Hands-on clinical experience in the United States, which also caters to undergo “United States Clinical Experience” (USCE) as expected by several residency programs.

Through the hands-on clinical experience program, the graduates also get the most valuable opportunity to obtain letter of recommendations which are key to enter the residency programs in the United States.

In order to apply online for the residency program in the US, please fill the online application Form along with the attachment of the mentioned proof details. Rotations are currently available in Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, and New York. The program is also able to assist students who are looking to secure slots.

For more details, visit the website  http://www.residencyinusa.com/