Your dream of becoming a Doctor demands your 30 minutes of Time on 2nd September 2016

Dreaming of Becoming a Doctor? But think it’s too late?

Texila – Your Pathway for a Successful Career in Medicine

Meet our Academic Expert Through Facebook Live Streaming & and get your doubts clarified

Doctor is a word, when heard by anyone can immediately develop respect in the heart. It is the noblest profession in all the professions available throughout the world. Being a doctor is having the responsibilities more, than the privilege.

For many students with a strong science background and a desire for a career that is both personally fulfilling and financially rewarding – Medicine is the obvious choice of degree.  The demand and shortage of physicians makes this one of the most competitive professions globally.

zambia live stream 100kbWe value your dream of becoming doctor!

So, here is an opportunity to Meet our Academic Expert at Texila American University who has counselled over 1500 students from 30+ Countries through Live Facebook Streaming on 2nd September at 5 PM to 6 PM Zimbabwe Time and Be Successful in your Journey Towards Becoming a Doctor

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