10 Quick Checklist to be followed before your NEET Exam.

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1. Follow The Dress Code

Don’t wear heavy accessories, wear slippers & sandals, avoid dresses with full sleeve. Wear light clothes to avoid unnecessary confusions and stress while checking.

 2. Have A Good Sleep

Night sleep before your exam actively plays a major role in refreshing your mind. You will feel more energized if you get proper sleep for 8hours the night before the exam and it helps to avoid lots of stress.

Beautiful brunette sleeping in her bed at home in the bedroom3. Make Yourself Hydrated

Have more liquids before your exam, as the weather is scorching makes yourself stay hydrated to stay healthy.

Pretty brunette drinking water on couch at home in the living room-14. Don’t Starve, Have Light Food

Starving before your exam time is not a good idea, it will drain all your energy and you won’t be feeling fresh and able to give your best in the exam. So have some homemade foods or fruits before your exam. Avoid all junk foods.

Close-up of a woman eating a fruit salad at home

5. Reach Your Examination Center A Little Early

Avoid last minute tension and hurry burry. Reach your exam center at-least 15 min before your time and make yourself settle and feel comfortable with the environment.

Business and time management concept. Young businesswoman looking at wrist watch, talking on mobile phone running late for meeting. Time is money6. Last Minute Revision Is A Must

Carry your essential keynotes to go through last minute, try to skim all the keynotes and subjects before your exam and this is the most crucial time to retain whatever you studied these many years and put all your efforts to move another step to pursue your doctor ambition.

Mature student in the library at the university7. Stay Calm Before The Exam

Try to be focused and relaxed before your exam, have in your mind you read all the topics and you can give your best in the exam.

manage-stress-girl-meditating-conscious-living8. Be Smart & Stay Positive 

Staying positive matters a lot, focus on your time and try to manage the questions you are unaware of and have in your mind about the negative marking. Finish all the questions you are feeling confident at first and take some time to go through the questions you need some time to think and answer.
9. Time Indicator (Don’t Worry About Your Watch)
Watches and electronic gadgets are not allowed in the exam. But having time management for your exam plays a smart way to achieve your goal. Don’t worry in every hall a wall clock will be provided and an alarm will be ringing to indicate the time.

Modern clock with numbers on the side comming out10. Proofs To Be Carried For Your Exam

When you start from your place, don’t forget to carry all the necessary proofs you are supposed to have to enter your examination hall.




All The Best…Fly ahead to pursue your DREAMS


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