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Before the student decides about MBBS abroad option, he / she thinks of the MCI Screening Test or FMGE Exam as one of the barriers to decide. 

No worries!  Let us talk about a few simple tips that would help you in clearing your FMGE exam or MCI Exam.

Any citizen from India who has completed the primary medical qualification from a medical institute located outside India, Foreign Medical Graduate Screening Exam (FMGE) is mandatory to acquire the licensure to practice in the country.

The FMGE consists of a single paper, comprising 300 multiple choices questions, delivered in two parts, 150 minutes each, to be taken in a single day. Scoring a minimum of 50 % marks is required to clear this exam.

In spite of having secured top-notch Medical education abroad, one has to prepare for the exam with the same intensity shown during one’s medical school days as there is no room for contentment at this stage.


Know the Syllabus 

It is very important to understand the syllabus from its depth. It is very important that you give each section and topic equal importance. You have to avoid selective study as it may cost you dearly. There is no shortcut for preparing for this exam and you have to concentrate from the beginning. 

Notes are your best friends 

There are many books and materials available on the internet. There is no comparison between self-study and the notes you prepare on your own. These notes will be handy at the time of preparation and revision. Start preparing the notes right from the 1st day of your graduation keeping in mind the MCI exam.  

Manage your weak areas 

Every student has certain weak areas in the syllabus. The questions that you need to answer would be from every topic that you have studied during your graduation. If you miss out on the areas or topics that you are weak at, it would affect your final scoring in the MCI exam. Therefor it is very important to concentrate on each and every topic and more on the topics you are weak.

Revision is very essential 

It is quite natural and normal that you might forget a certain points that you have studied. It is always good to revise the sections that you are weak or the overall topics that are important for the exam. 

Prepare for MCQS

When you start preparing the exam, you first need to cover all the topics. The next step is to start preparing yourself for Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that you need to solve during the exam. 

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