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The government’s most important functions are to maintain law and order and ensure the prosperity of its citizens. The public administration of a country expedites the function of a government by reflecting the merit, potentialities, and challenges of the people.

Public administration is a specialized subject of study, which can enable you to work as an essential instrument of the government. The profession holds significance in development, change, and modern domestic welfare.

Nigeria is one of the fastest developing countries in the African continent. The nation has witnessed a substantial spike in economic development over the last decade. Unfortunately, there’s been a rise in population, poverty, unemployment, and crime, which have posed significant challenges for the government.

Thus, the demand for a master’s degree in public administration (MPA degree) in the country is more than ever before. Plus, countless private firms are looking for public administration professionals as well.

So, if you want to work closely with the government or supreme private bodies to bring a positive change to the community, an online master of public administration programs can guide you in the right direction.

Importance of Public Administration in the Society

Master of public administration finds a pivotal place in the rapidly changing modern society. Its actual functions comprise the provision of services and regulation of intergroup relations in the community. From the maintenance of law and order to application of science and technology, everything depends on the effective functioning of public administration.

Nigeria is in the state of transformation; the country is transitioning to an agricultural society, which is prosperous for its socio-economic development. Contrarily, the nation is facing some significant concerns with law and order, poverty, increasing population, etc.

online master of public administration programs

Source: The Guardian

Therefore, there is a need for reliable, educated, and skilled public administration that can lead to the implementation of policies for the welfare of the people.

Here is how a well-established public administration can lead the way to the betterment of Nigeria.

  • Meet public expectations: Citizens of a developing country expect its government to provide basic amenities, such as education, health, and employment. Public administration helps formulate and implement necessary policies to improve the quality of life of people.
  • Facilitate socio-economic development: Nigeria is attracting a lot of foreign investment as more and more international firms or showing interest in establishing their industries in the country. However, Nigeria still lacks proper infrastructure, technology, and workforce. Public administration works closely with the government to ensure the overall development of the people and enable the political executive to accomplish its objectives.
  • Maintain law and order: The primary function of the government is to maintain law and order. A disciplined population is a prerequisite for the development of society. In developing countries like Nigeria, the government might find it challenging to maintain law and order, along with fulfilling the demands of the developing nation. Public administration helps the government by making strict rules to reduce crime and support the development of society.

Why Should You Get an MPA Degree?

Choosing a master’s degree can be a hurdle for fresh graduates; with so many options to choose from, it can get overwhelming. In order to progress in many public service careers, it is necessary to develop your leadership and management skills. A master’s degree in public administration is a great choice for people who want to advance their careers in public management, policy-making, and the nonprofit sector.

By earning a part-time MPA degree, you can work with government, nonprofits, and international organizations.

So, is an MPA worth it? Here are seven tangible benefits of enrolling into the online master of public administration programs and pursuing your career in public administration.

1. Get a Chance to Work on Various Public Sector Issues

A public administration professional can work in a wide range of sectors and issues. Exposure and experience to problems of society make public administration an excellent pick for those who want to bring a positive change.

Some common public administration issues in Nigeria include:

  • HIV/AIDS/ other vulnerable diseases
  • Quality healthcare and education
  • Water and food supply security
  • Climate change control
  • Securing the country against terrorism, crime, and biological agents
  • Helping former convicts enter society and become productive citizens

2. Discover Several Fields

Undergraduate education limits your access to the deeper levels of your career interests. Getting an MPA degree allows you to focus on specific fields that can broaden your career scope to more opportunities.

After an MPA degree from a college of public administration, you can enter the following public administration fields:

  • Healthcare Policy: If you want to work in managerial and administrative roles in healthcare delivery systems, a specialization in healthcare policy could be the right pick.
  • Public Policy and Management: This specialization will prepare you for the analyst and managerial positions in nonpublic sector organizations.
  • Emergency Management: You will learn to support communities, public organizations, and communities in times of emergencies, like natural disasters and terrorism.
  • Nonprofit and Community Leadership: You will be prepared for a leadership role for organizations that work toward the socio-economic development of society.

3. Develop Strong Analytical Skills

Public administrators spend a large share of their time collecting and analyzing data. During your MPA degree, you will learn how to use advanced analytical tools, which will enable you to handle internal auditing and analysis for your organization or agency.

4. Gain Outstanding Leadership Skills

If you’ve obtained an undergraduate degree in public administration, you must have learned about the operations and political process of government organizations. However, you did not receive extensive training on how to manage financial resources and workers, a skill critical for upper-level managers and administrators.

Master of public administration will help you develop leadership and responsibility. In your MPA degree, you will be introduced to real-world challenges and situations where you will need to manage finances and human resources in an organization.

5. Internship Opportunities

Joining the right internship is crucial to succeeding as a public servant. It is essential to build strong connections and a network of contacts across multiple departments and agencies to get access to job openings and career opportunities. MPA students get access to internships in local, state, federal, and international organizations, enabling them to pursue advanced positions in public service organizations and private firms.

6. Earn a Good Salary

MPA degree holders work on top administrative roles in government and private organizations. Public administration is one of the highest-paid professions in Nigeria, with a salary ranging from ₦30k to ₦14m. MPA workers in both the private and public sectors earn excellent salary packages. More about salary and career growth is discussed later.

7. Excellent Job Stability

Working with government agencies provide you with strong job security. MPA professionals in the private sector are also in great demand, so once you take your position, you can enjoy excellent job stability. Therefore, you do not have to worry about being unemployed at times of recession or unstable market conditions.

Career Opportunities After MPA Degree

An MPA degree makes you eligible to undertake administrative positions in an organization. Part-time MPA jobs are rewarding in terms of both career growth and salary. In Nigeria, the average salary of a public administration professional is ₦884,372, which is subject to a constant increase over the years.

MPA degree benefits

Source: SCHAR

Here’s a quick look at the roles you can play as an MPA degree holder, along with the corresponding salaries.

  • Secretary: ₦30k–₦1m
  • Human Resources (HR) Assistant: ₦42k–₦4m
  • Personal Assistant: ₦50k–₦7m
  • Executive Assistant: ₦59k–₦6m
  • Customer Service Representative (CSR): ₦69k–₦2m
  • Administrative Assistant: ₦83–₦5m
  • Customer Service Officer: ₦270k–₦6m
  • Data Analyst: ₦559k–₦14m
  • Human Resources (HR) Administrator: ₦698k–₦4m
  • Project Manager: ₦900k–₦12m

An experienced administrative officer with 15–20 years of experience and working in a renowned international firm can make up to ₦2,400,000.

You can also explore international opportunities and work on the following job roles:

  • Tax Examiner
  • City Manager
  • Public Administration Consultant
  • International Aid/Development Worker
  • Fund-Raising Manager
  • Mayor
  • Budget Analyst

The average salary of an MPA professional in the USA is 60,000 USD/year.

Take up an Online Master of Public Administration

If you are a bachelor’s degree holder with a minimum of three years of work experience in the public sector, there is an MPA degree program exclusively for you. In association with the Central University of Nicaragua (UCN), Texila American University (TAU) offers an online master’s degree in public administration program that will help you develop your leadership, management, and organizational skills.

This 2-year program is centered on the principles of policy development, public administration, and implementation and management of policies.

Key Takeaways from the Program

Here’s a list of what you will learn in this MPA program:

  • A comprehensive, real-world learning experience
  • Skillset and expertise to handle challenges in corporations and governments
  • Entrepreneurial and analytical skills
  • Out-of-box thinking and planning capabilities

Benefits of Taking up This MPA Program

The benefits of enrolling into UCN’s MPA program include:

  • flexible learning options,
  • interactive classroom experience,
  • US-based curriculum and a credit system for overall learning and development,
  • exposure to an extensive network of students and professionals,
  • internationally recognized and renowned degree, and
  • rewarding career opportunities.

Enroll for MPA and equip yourself with powerful skills and expertise in public administration, leadership, and management.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Get an MPA Degree The government’s most important functions are to maintain law and order and ensure the prosperity of its citizens. The public administration of a country expedites the function of a government by reflecting the merit, potentialities, and challenges of the people. Public administration is a specialized subject of study, which can enable you to work as […]
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