8 Ways to Transform Your Career with an MBA Degree

Nowadays, technology and business are the two essential aspects that are predominant in this business world. It becomes mandatory for top-level management and executives to hold a master’s degree in business administration. This degree offers loads of advantages also for working professionals with a UG degree. It can enhance career and professional goals.

Here are lists of advantages that will help you understand why you need an MBA course to transform your career. 

8 Ways an MBA Degree Can Transform Your Career 

1. A Re-energized Career

Even though getting an MBA degree isn’t that necessary for an IT professional, it can drastically impact their growth trajectory. From a mid-level professional to a senior level, an MBA can help in the transition. It is easy to get big roles in startups and medium-level firms. However, almost all managerial and above roles require an MBA degree if you are eyeing on established companies.

Earning an MBA while working has its own set of benefits like career switch, increased salary, and raised position. 

2. Higher Income

The MBA degree acts as a springboard for many professionals from various educational backgrounds to get into a great position. It opens wide opportunities with job security and an excellent salary. The average earnings of an MBA graduate are higher than the employees who hold a regular master’s. The income can be even up to twice as much when obtained from a renowned university.

The average annual salaries of MBA degree holders worldwide as given by the QS Jobs & Salary Report, are mentioned below:

  • In Switzerland – 123,500 USD/year
  • In the USA – 102,100 USD/year
  • In Canada – 99,800 USD/year
  • In France – 98,500 USD/year
  • In Australia – 98,400 USD/year
  • In the UK – 92,400 USD/year
  • In Italy – 86,400 USD/year
  • In Singapore – 82,700 USD/year
  • In Germany – 77,200 USD/year
    Investing in an MBA program can be recovered in two to three years, plus benefits. 

3. Better Managerial Skills

MBA courses are taken up by young businesspeople with professional work experience, senior employees who wish to up their game, or sometimes even fresh UG graduates to run their family business. MBA programs can help develop the necessary skills required to run and administer a company successfully. Some of the skillsets are:

  • Improved leadership skills;
  • Effective people management skills;
  • Networking;
  • Strategizing fruitful partnerships;
  • Ability to manage tough situations, like financial crisis, public scandals, etc.;
  • Capability to build brand image;
  • Maintaining healthy financials;
  • Finding the best talent; and
  • Employee retention methods.

4. Strategic Thinking Ability

An MBA program helps to think out of the box and enhances creativity. It applies not only in business but also in personal life while handling finances and self-goals. It builds the ability to weigh the numerous options available before making the best decision. Analytical thinking develops more skill and versatility in performance. 

5. Enhanced Self-Confidence

The accomplished feel of gaining the knowledge to meet the needs of the business environment improves self-confidence. The way to approach during stringencies and quick problem-solving ability can get through any business. One can learn how to present among a group of intellectuals and persuade them to take great heights. 

6. Door to a Wide Range of Opportunity

Earning an MBA degree brings the students out of their comfort zone and helps to venture into new opportunities fearlessly. However, challenging the job might be that one can be sure to see it as a great opportunity.

MBA graduates can explore the newest in business trends, management tools, and necessary techniques. This opens up new doors in the changing business environment. The acquired skills can significantly help in changing career plans and swiftly adapt and discover different directions. 

7. Esteemed Position in Reputed Organization

Besides, an MBA degree opens doors to higher positions in an organization. The degree will help you not only take up interviews but also interview the right candidates for your organization.

In large companies and establishments, professionals need more worldly skills. One needs to travel, meet new people, close deals, adapt to newer technologies, and implement successfully. MBA can make that job easier, and one can surely expect to get callbacks.

8. Entrepreneurial venture

The entrepreneurial dream is within many people like you. Nevertheless, they are unaware of how to convert it into reality. By choosing an MBA, you will understand the know-how of business in the present world.

In such a way, you can become capable of starting your own business from scratch and running it with great success. Besides, it improves your communication skills required for contract negotiation or convincing prospective investors on your vision.

Empower Your Career with an MBA Degree

MBA degrees can enhance your career and uplift you when others are merely trying to survive among changing trends and challenging environments. The accumulated skillset can enable you to lead a team, branch, or even an entire organization.

Working people often have the problem of time management to pursue a higher degree even if they want to. There are fully/partially online MBA courses that are available for such people. Give your career the boost it requires and position yourself at the top.

Online/Part-Time MBA Program for Working People

As I said, pursuing a full-time MBA may be difficult for working people. Online/part-time MBA courses have been proven beneficial, and they have become the first choice for working MBA aspirants. These type of online or part-time MBA programs gives them access to quality education, irrespective of their time and location. Also, it is very advantageous for those who cannot take up a full-time MBA in a business school. 

Benefits of an Online or Part-Time MBA Degree

1. Study While Working

Taking up an online or part-time MBA is flexible for working adults. While you work and handle family responsibilities, you can advance in your career too. These MBA programs have live, set classes, and also archived material. Thus, one can easily adapt and learn despite their hectic schedules.

2. Get a Master’s Degree with Ease

Doing MBA courses with specialization in these modes enables working people to get their master’s degrees at their convenience. They also offer technical support to set your classes online or by visiting the campus periodically. There are many courses available that go in line with their current job too. 

3. Learn Managerial Skills at After-Office Hours

It is also a meaningful way to learn managerial skills after work hours and implement the same at work. These modes of learning allow them to visit online portals, campuses, or facilitation centers periodically (as specified by the institutions) to get clarified of doubts and have interaction with the faculty. Moreover, they can learn the syllabus on the learning management system that may be available online. By this, they get the double benefit of learning through practical implementation.

4. Pursue a Professional Degree without Leaving Your Job

Upon choosing an online/part-time MBA degree, you do not have to leave your job to pursue an MBA. These MBA programs make it easier to study without disturbing your working situation. It provides the flexibility of time and travel.

Opportunities for MBA Graduates in African Countries

PwC’s predictions state that by 2040, Africa will contain the most substantial labor force ahead of India and China. Also, Africa is drawing attention for investments owing to the natural resources available for industrial development. This anticipated economic boom calls for professionally qualified individuals to manage and run these industries. This is just one scenario, and it opens wide job opportunities for MBA graduates.

In the education sector, the business administration salary in Zambia accounts for 10,800 ZMK per month. Typical salary ranges between 5,740 ZMK and 16,500 ZMK. 

Best Business School in Zambia to Take up a Part-Time MBA Program

Texila American University (Texila) extends part-time MBA courses for students with a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. There are various specializations that MBA students can choose at Texila. Some of the underlying benefits of choosing Texila are:

  • Best suitable for working people
  • Enhanced learning methodology
  • Availability of live classes and personalized sessions 
  • Online exams
  • Extended support and guidance from experienced faculty
  • Internationally accredited degree
  • Wide networking opportunities and interaction with students and faculty worldwide

Earning an MBA degree has lots to offer in terms of knowledge, personality development, opportunities, and income. Texila can help you take the next critical step in your career pathway through an MBA degree. Think wisely!

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8 Ways an MBA Program Can Transform Your Career Nowadays, technology and business are the two essential aspects that are predominant in this business world. It becomes mandatory for top-level management and executives to hold a master’s degree in business administration. This degree offers loads of advantages also for working professionals with a UG degree. It can enhance career and professional goals. Here are […]
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