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9 Reasons to Study Master Of Public Health

When trying to decide if you want to pursue Public Health graduate study, you may not know all of the reasons why you should do it. You may think a Masters in Public Health degree could not possibly help you either get a job in the public health field or further your already established career in public health, but it can. Here are just a few of the ways getting a graduate degree in public health can help you:

  1. To gain more knowledge in your career field – Continuing education is a great way to gain more knowledge in your career field. This is true even for the Public Health field. Issues in Public Health are always changing and there is no better way to keep yourself abreast of the changes than by getting an MPH degree
  2. To change careers – If you want to enter the Public Health field and are in another career field that is not health-based, then you will likely want to get an MPH degree. This will give you the knowledge you need to successfully change your career.
  3. To make yourself more marketable in the job field – Of course, if you have already gotten a bachelor’s degree in public health, you may find that you need a Masters in Public Health degree to make yourself more marketable on the job market. Many places deem graduate study as a good indicator of how committed a person will be to a particular job.
  4. To become an instructor in your career field – Some people employed in Public Health may feel the call to become an instructor. If this is the case, then you will need at least a Masters degree, but a Doctorate degree would be even more beneficial. However, you can become a college instructor with a Masters in Public Health degree. This reason is a major reason why some people pursue graduate studies in Public Health.
  5. Prepares you for leadership in your field – Another good reason to continue your studies in Public Health at the graduate level is that it prepares you to become a leader in the field. Getting a Masters degree is a good way to enhance your resume and get a supervisory position. Of course, you will still need plenty of experience in the Public Health field you are seeking a supervisory job in, but the Masters degree will help you get the job as well.
  6. Enhances communication skills – Getting a Masters degree in Public Health will also enhance your communication skills. Of course, if you already work in the public health field, your communication skills should be great anyway, but graduate study will polish them to near-perfection. You have to be able to communicate well to get your point across in classes, especially if you are seeking your MPH degree online.
  7. Helps you become a better problem-solver – If there is one thing that getting a Masters degree will do for you, it is that it will help you become a better problem-solver. You may be wondering how this is possible, but stick with me. Graduate study is designed for working adults. This means that you will have to balance work, family and school – among other obligations. You will have problems come up, either in class or outside of it, which will need to be solved as quickly as possible. Your work in a graduate program will help you come up with better ways to solve these problems by giving you critical thinking skills.
  8. For a promotion – Some people simply want to get a Masters degree in Public Health so they can get a promotion. There is nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of students in MPH programs who are there for the exact same reason. Some employers will even guarantee a promotion to an employee if they continue their education.
  9. To further expand your specialties if you are in another health-related field – If you are already working in Public Health in a field like administration and would like to get into the field of Public Health Policy or Infectious Disease, you may find that an MPH degree will help you with your career aspirations. Furthering your Public Health education can better prepare you for entering another field within your career.

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