Kenneth Kaunda Scholarship Recap

Zambia, as a country, has brought a revolution in its education system for the last couple of decades. The nation is edging toward the direction of growth and prosperity. Since its independence, the Zambian Ministry of Education has been facing considerable challenges to promote education and, at the same time, maintaining the quality of tutoring, especially in the primary, secondary, and tertiary education sectors. The Zambian government is focused on allocating more resources to the education sector and developing international standards of teaching methodologies. With this, the government is also focused on raising the bar for individuals to enhance themselves as professionals. The Ministry of Education is developing strict policies where the decision to become a skilled educator needs to be taken based on inspections, performance appraisals, and the grant of practicing certificates.

According to the recent UN report, more than 50% of the world population is expected to transpire in Africa by 2050. The population of Zambia is growing at a rate of 2.94%, recorded for 2019. The private and the public health sector, in collaboration with the Zambian government, are working towards creating a robust healthcare system to provide better healthcare services to the people in the country. Texila American University (TAU), Zambia, with the support of the Zambian government, feels privileged in contributing to this revolutionary shift and creates a platform for the students to help them become competent healthcare professionals.

The Man Behind the Growth of Zambia

Dearly and widely recognized as KK, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, the first president of sovereign Zambia, has undivided attention for the growth of the Zambian education system. KK is known to be the Godfather for the Zambian community. From liberating the country to gain freedom from the British Empire, to drafting policies for the overall growth of Zambia and its people, his support has always taken the country in stepping forward.

Kenneth Kaunda first president of Zambia

At the age of 95, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda had been Zambia’s longest-serving president and the oldest living former president who has dedicated his life for service to his people. Being a teacher himself, he understood the significance of education at all levels. He has taken a pledge to revamp the Zambian education system to secure the bright future of Zambia.

With the increase in population, Zambia is experiencing an inflated demand for competent experts amongst all industries. In order to meet the demand, the country needs to facilitate world-class education to its people.

Launch of “The Kenneth Kaunda–TAU Scholarship”

Kenneth Kaunda Scholarship Launch

Adhering to the interest of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda’s enthusiasm to drive the education system to another level and with the full support of the Zambian government, TAU had launched a scholarship under the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. The Kenneth Kaunda–TAU Scholarship for Zambian students, worth 1.3 Million ZMW, was launched on August 14, 2019, which is aimed to be gifted to 25 students with an outstanding aptitude and an exemplary profile. The scholarship was declared to motivate students to consider professional studies in healthcare- and management-related areas.

This scholarship launch event was subsequently covered over various media channels and networks as mentioned below:

Prof. Ajay Poddar officially declared the scholarship in the presence of Zambia’s first republican president, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda. He also mentioned that this scholarship would be offered to students on merit as the university understands the requirement of qualified professionals, especially in the health sector.

Kenneth Kaunda Scholarship

Click here to read more about this exclusive scholarship program.

Students Who Got Benefitted of The Kenneth Kaunda–TAU Scholarship 2019

This year, totally, 13 students have got the opportunity to study under the Kenneth Kaunda–TAU scholarship. Out of which, 11 students got 50% scholarship, and 2 got 100%.

Kenneth Kaunda Scholarship Awardees

In a mission to bring the dream of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, TAU will be continuing the same support in the future. TAU wants more students to get benefitted and uplift their lives through education.

Programs Covered Under This 1.3 Million ZMW Scholarship

Following are a few programs of TAU that will be covered under the scholarship:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) provides a concrete base for students in the field of business and administration. Students opting for this program can work in various sectors ranging from education to marketing.
  • Master of Business Management (MBA) allows students to work in various sectors like education, sales and marketing, management, finance, and so on. The detailed curriculum at TAU allows the students to develop their critical thinking and leadership skills.
  • Master of Public Health (MPH) allows the students to build and develop solutions and deal with composite health challenges that include communicable and chronicle diseases. This course allows the students to create a healthy environment.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) allows the students to strengthen their concepts of providing guided care to their patients as nursing professionals. They can also function as researchers, clinicians, administrators, and educators.
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) prepares the students for the critical role of a pharmacist. The role also demands professionals to ensure patients’ well-being and safety.
  • Health Professionals Foundation Program (HFPF) is a pathway course offered to students who are not directly eligible for the MBChB program but still have the zeal to study the course.

As mentioned earlier, the Zambian government is dedicatedly moving towards prosperity in terms of creating the best healthcare society. It is strongly believed that when TAU announces Kenneth Kaunda Scholarship in March 2020, it will definitely help the students of Zambia to explore their careers.

Texila American University welcomes students of Zambia to make use of this scholarship and pursue their education without any monetary interruption.

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A Recap of The Kenneth Kaunda–Texila American University Scholarship 2019 Zambia, as a country, has brought a revolution in its education system for the last couple of decades. The nation is edging toward the direction of growth and prosperity. Since its independence, the Zambian Ministry of Education has been facing considerable challenges to promote education and, at the same time, maintaining the quality of tutoring, […]
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