Asthma is one of the dangerous disordered diseases where it makes the airways and breath pipes to get blocked. Asthma cannot be cured, but it can be managed by taking a regular intake of medicines. Its effects can be reduced by taking the following some of the foods.

Salmon: It is a fish with omega 3 fatty acid oil which will medicate the inflammations in air tubes.

Spinach: This is rich in magnesium, which is helpful for making the respiratory muscles to be relaxed and healthy.

Red Peppers: These are rich in Vitamin c, reduces inflammation.

Onion: Anti-allergic vegetable, which reduces inflammation and produces anti-oxidant to develop the immune system.

Chickpeas: Rich in Vitamin B6, which acts anti-asthmatic food especially for children. It is a stress-relieving nutrient-filled food that reduces stress.

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