Public Health education is an extremely influential and effective field of the entire education system. It not only imparts health-related knowledge to the society but also acts as a fundamental to build up public health infrastructure. By conducting several promotional programs teamed with the required evidence, the public health experts and specialists provide guidance to the society regarding population as well as evaluation of health.


The ultimate aim of public health education is to encourage society to choose a healthy lifestyle through effective planning strategies. Hence by becoming a public health officer, you can contribute your service towards the world in making it a healthier place to live in.

Overview of the African Public Health sector

Of all the other countries, the African Public health system is the most progressive one in terms of health-care facilities to the academic sector in the world. You will be amazed to find the most primitive health care units to the most highly specialized health care services with advanced technological infrastructure in Africa. Although the state contributes a significant percentage of the annual expenditure on the public health sector, a major part of the population is yet to receive healthcare services.


To talk about its educational infrastructure, South African universities have undergone a huge structural and functional transformation and have contributed to the literacy rate of the country. You can expect quality public health education at affordable prices in the leading institutes. Hence if you want a great career in public health, look for the most eminent college to study public health online in South Africa which proves beneficial for your career.

Opportunities for specialized public health professionals (comparison with entry-level public health professionals)

As compared to the entry-level public health degree, an advanced course of public health, also known as the MPH program, would direct you towards an endless number of career opportunities. All the MPH programs are more intense and include an Internship or fieldwork.

They are designed with special projects, valuable research, and informative seminars. The students with an advanced degree acquire more knowledge and demonstrate real-world skills. Majoring in public health is a specialization within the field. An aspiring medical officer can improve technical skill and keep himself updated on current information.

The soaring value/demand for public health professionals in today’s world

If you are planning to study public health, you might be curious to know about its prospective career opportunities. You would be glad to find that this sector has a rising demand for job seekers and the demand would even grow more in the near future. According to the expert prediction, there is around 19% growth in the healthcare industry in the next 5 years.

An advanced public health course will definitely add to the skills and academic credentials to an aspiring health care student. The Bureau of Labor Statistics experts predicted that there is a rising demand for the job roles of medical services managers, healthcare workers, and educators which will increase by 19% by the year 2024. The US employers, including government and insurance companies, will add more managers to the US workforce by 2024. Hence this predictive demand is quite impressive. The USA’s highest-profile public healthcare agency The Centre for Disease Control has been reportedly employing several scientists, administrators, and public health care workers. Hence you can expect a great chance of finding work in not only NGOs and government organizations but also in private companies and educational institutions.

Salary range & social status of Master of Public Health degree holders in Africa

An education with a Master of Public Health is undoubtedly a smart choice in terms of career and salary potentiality. Your education is worth it as you can certainly expect a wide range of salaries.


You can expect the job role of a health educator, social worker, air pollution analyst, disaster management specialist, environmental inspector and so on. Here is a list of salary expectancy of different job roles of a master’s degree holder of public health courses:

  • Health services administration $37,500 to $160,000
  • Biostatistics $33,000 to $63,000
  • Epidemiology $40,000 to 135,000
  • Health education $ 33,000 to $80,000
  • Clinical research coordinator $ 38,000 to $ 50,000
  • Executive director $60,000$ 130,000
  • International health$35,000 to $80,000
  • Nutrition $30,000 to $70,000

There are different fields of public health courses too, and from each of them, you can expect to earn more than any other career option from other subject lines.

Career opportunities for advanced public health professionals outside Africa and statistics of African public health professionals abroad with a salary range

A student who has a stronger intention to dedicate his life to helping others through medical assistance can graduate a master’s degree and make a career in Public Health. Few of the public health jobs are:

1) Health Informatics Specialist

A Health Informatics Specialist also known as Biostatistician works in various Government organizations like clinical biostatistics, food and drug administration clinics, etc. They perform various analysis pertaining to healthcare database and medical research while also dealing with clinical trials and identify population health trends.

2) Research Analyst

Research Analyst or Epidemiologist works to evaluate and monitor the spread of diseases, understand their causes and identify their possible treatment. They perform extensively during an epidemic by preparing reports with all the collected data. Epidemiologist works in health institutes, local and national public health departments and pharmaceutical companies.

3) Public Health Project Manager

As a Public Health Project Manager, you are expected to train the staff working under you and prepare them for providing medical assistance during the emergency. You should recruit and manage volunteers and grow a network of providers offering various services to patients.

4) Healthcare Administrator

A Healthcare Administrator manages the healthcare facilities available in hospitals, clinics, and other wellness centers. They are responsible for arranging supplies for different health equipment. They are also responsible for involving healthcare policies to bring about an improvement in the overall system and also solve issues related to it.

The statistical analysis says that by 2020 a demand of around 250,000 more careers in public health will be created. The need for more Specialists will be created as the current workforce of around 110,000 will be retired by 2020. The world welcomes more public health jobs as it forecast shortages of public health nurses, epidemiologists, public health physicians, healthcare educators with open hands.

It is a boom period in the public health workforce. The field is challenging, diversified and complex yet at the same time immensely rewarding. There are many distance learning options provided by different institutions but select the best courses from Texila which offers you to study public health online and are dynamic and more progressive.

How would a Master’s degree in Public Health with Texila help?

Texila is the best Institute to provide the universally recognized degree of Public Health. With a Master’s degree from Texila, a candidate can pursue several lucrative careers in public health which can bring about a real difference in the world. The contribution of Healthcare Specialists is important as it increases life expectancy and decreasing infant mortality. Hence these diversified career options prepare the generation to ensure that the right health information reaches the right audience.

Are you ready to join the public health experts’ league? Check out our website to browse through our great programs. Log in to enroll yourself to study public health online and initiate your first step to become a public health officer today.

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Benefits of doing your Master’s in Public Health Public Health education is an extremely influential and effective field of the entire education system. It not only imparts health-related knowledge to the society but also acts as a fundamental to build up public health infrastructure. By conducting several promotional programs teamed with the required evidence, the public health experts and specialists provide guidance to […]
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