The medical industry as we know has continued to grow through leaps and bounds in recent times. This is demonstrated by the sheer number of health-related technologies and innovative breakthroughs that are made real year after year. The rapid growth and ever-increasing rate of development of such new technologies and techniques, only means that there is literally no shortage of further courses on medical specializations for already well-qualified doctors to pursue. Hence the popular saying, “Good Doctors never stop learning.”

Once they obtain their degree in MBBS, a doctor looking to make a mark and move further in their careers usually opt for a post-graduate degree which is either an MD or MS degree depending on the individual’s personal interest and career aspirations.

Now, as mentioned previously, this not the end as there is still so much in terms of further studies that one can opt for in order to create a niche for themselves and move up in their careers. These options for further studies come in the form of

  • Master of Chirurgie (MCH)
  • Doctor of Medicine (DM)
  • PG Fellowship upgradation
  • Ph.D. in Medicine/Surgery

The first two on the list which is MCH and DM are Super Speciality Degree Courses for which it is absolutely mandatory to hold either an MD or an MS degree that is recognized by Medical Council of India or MCI.

Now considering the fact that not all Super Speciality aspirants would be MD or MS degree holders, is where Texila American University comes into the fray. With Texila American university offering the options of PG Fellowship upgradation or a Ph.D. in either Medicine or Surgery, this opens up various avenues especially for those who do not possess an MD or MS degree as it has a lowered eligibility criteria of either a Diplomate of National Board (DNB) or PG Diploma.

The below-illustrated infographic is designed to provide you with more detailed and structured information on all the highlight points you need to know about the opportunities offered by Texila when it comes to choosing your next move once you’ve completed your PG Medicine.

what after pg medicine

Enroll with Texila American University and be on your way towards a bight and highly prospective career in global healthcare.  

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