With the increase in the number of diseases and health problems, the world needs more doctors than it already has. Every year, a lot of students have their dreams shattered due to the stringent admission process in top government colleges and the rest of them are compelled to find an ‘’easy to get” way while opting for a medical school.

Drawbacks of ‘Easy to Get’ Medical Schools

Medical Schools across the world that are well-known for ‘looting’ students have certain loose ends which can be a pitfall for your medical career. However, you won’t be able to realize these traps while getting an admission; but, later you would end up regretting your decision. Some of the points which best describe the scenario are:

 Poor Educational Standard

 No Genuine seat

 Low MCI Pass Percentage

 Language Barrier

 No Practical Learning

 No Indian Embassy

Countries with Substandard Medical Schools and Facilities

On one hand, we have countries that are merely accepted as a good choice to study medicine and there are some countries which are advised to avoid without any further discussion. Below we have some of the countries listed which perfectly describes the impediments students suffer during and after their MBBS or MD. Let’s take a look at the countries

China – There are several barricades for a student to pursue MBBS in China. Broadly subdivided into three main points which are – Language Barrier, Poor Educational Standard, Cuisine. One has to learn the onerous Mandarin language which is a must. When it comes to education standard, always go for the A category colleges, as other colleges have a consistent history of providing poor education and lack of practical learning for the students. Last but not the least, the third hurdle is the cuisine; one just can’t get used to the bizarre food habits in China. Moreover, if you are a pure vegetarian, then you are indeed in dire straits.

Bangladesh – While a handful of colleges provide a substantial quality of education, the majority of colleges are consistently gulping a lot of students with fake promises and absolutely poor educational standard. Number of medical schools lack registration, thus, creating problems for graduating students.

Philippines – This is the country with full of ‘traps’ when it comes to admission in Medical Schools. Several agents promise to provide you a direct seat in MBBS – just get an intensive research done before going with their words. There is nothing such as direct admission in the Philippines; students have to appear for an additional exam called National Medical Test (NMAT) with a minimum score of 50 percentile. One more problem with this country is the bulk intake despite poor infrastructure.

Russia/ Ukraine/ Georgia – The educational quality of USSR countries has dropped down consistently over the last few decades. Starting from the admission process, one has to face severe corruption in the universities through agents. To top it off, one must learn to speak the local language which is Russian (Ukrainian in Ukraine) to get an edge over others and to communicate effectively with the patients. Also, the MCI pass percentage in these nations is around 3% which is a matter of concern for Indian students.

Do your Research Well!

Indeed, there are certain schools in India as well as abroad which acts as a ‘backdoor entry’ for many students. Well, there is no such thing as “Easy to get into” when it comes to Medical school and for a good reason indeed. The path to becoming a successful doctor is not as easy as it seems. It’s a series of intricating steps which you need to follow.

You always have the time to select the best pick to secure your future. If you are aspiring to pursue a successful career as a physician, then you need to be competent enough to choose the best option for youwithout falling prey to the luring medical colleges. Check with the curriculum, facilities, USMLE pass percentage, alumni’s experience, MCI recognition for Indian students and various other factors before going for the final one.

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