According to Supreme Court of India, the state government has to fill 85% of their Medical Seat through NEET. It is expected that large number of students will choose Mbbs admission in Abroad. The students going for abroad to study medicine increased by 10 to 15 %.

There are several factors to keep in perspective while choosing the University Abroad for Medical Studies.

MCI Clearance

The students who pursue medicine in abroad must complete their screening test conduct by Medical Council of India (MCI) before they start Medical practicing in India.

An article in Times of India says

Doctors with foreign degrees flunk test in India –Number of students to choose colleges in countries like Russia, China and Ukraine, where admission is easier and courses cheaper.However, statistics show students with medical degrees from these countries are finding it increasingly difficult to pass the screening test that allows them to practice in India.

Only less than 5% of students from these countries clear their local medical council exams  and the rest 95% of students and their future will be a big “?”.


English Speaking Country

Exposure in terms of clinical practice will be a biggest challenge as most of these countries have less than 8% of English speaking population – interaction with the patients will be really challenging task which plays a critical role in exposure while they study.

How to select a Medical university in Abroad?

  • A university Registered in the local country of presence
  • A university with good infrastructure and lab facilities
  • A university with highest level of reputation and student satisfaction
  • A university with in-house hospital facility or at least tie-up with good hospital for clinical rotation
  • A university which has history of students clearing medical council of the country when the students graduate and head back home
  • A university which has good hostel facilities and food cuisine of various countries
  • A safe and secured environment for peaceful learning
  • A country with good chill-out places for weekend outing from routine studies

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