Roughly one-in-four college graduates (23%) report that they have taken a class online. However, the share doubles to 46% among those who have graduated in the past ten years. Among all adults who have taken a class online, 39% say the format’s educational value is equal to that of a course taken in a classroom.


Why Should You choose Distance & Online Education?

A Small Statistics

  • 29% of working professional say that their online courses offer an equal value compared with courses taken in a classroom.
  • 51% of the college students’ say’s that the online courses are providing the same value as their regular course.
  • Online learning provides increased flexibility to take Under Graduation classes by 71%
  • Online learning provides the opportunity for professional adults to take up the classes while working full-time to 62%
  • Online learning increases the variety of classes in to 48%

Selection of the university should address the following:

  •  Accreditation from renowned bodies like UNESCO-IAU (United Nations Educational,    Scientific and Cultural Organization – International Association of Universities), ICDE – International Council for Distance Education, IADL – International Association for Distance Learning
  • Well defined quality and structured delivery model
  •  Student satisfaction and ratings
  • Stable and accessible platform across gadgets

A glimpse of our recognitions

  • Courses Recognized by ICDE & IADL
  • UNESCO-IAU listed
  • 3500+ Students from over 70 countries have chosen Texila
  • Proven delivery with highest quality of student’s satisfaction
  • Global Recognition
  • Unlimited access to digital contents

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