Texila Continues in Proving its Immense Quality of Education in America.

Some of the inspiring moments while publishing Texila’s International journal.

Energetic and passionate CEO of Texila American University launching the EIJASR (E-International Journal of Academics and Scientific Research) amidst the TAU employees of India. The website is a perfect blend of innovative and educational journal contents written by TAU students. Raring to go and to become one of the prominent E-journal websites to be launched and supported by a university in South America, the university has launched two journal – South American Journal of Medicine and South American Journal of Public Health.


Beloved CEO giving a brief detail on what instigated him to initiate this new milestone and how much lack of proper research material is available online. He feels that there is no proper platform for students as well as researchers to publish their finding or case study and EIJASR would be one innovative platform which does that.


Speech from Dr. Anand – Chief Advisor of EIJASR & Executive Dean of TAU


Prestigious Journal of Texila American University

The front page of the EIJASR website. Initially, the university has decided to publish two journals related to the field of Medical Science and Public Health. The journals – South American Journal of Medicine and South American Journal of Public Health are currently available for download and in the coming months the university plans to publish three more journals- South American Journal of Management, South American Journal of Surgery, and South American Journal of Clinical Research.


SAJoM –South American Journal of Medicine

The front page of the South American Journal of Medicine containing seven research contents and case studies written by our PG up-gradation students


SAJoPH –South American Journal of Public Health

The front page of the South American Journal of Public Health that has seven research contents and case studies done by our DOP students of Public Health and Behavioral Science.


South America’s First E- journal

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