Becoming a doctor is one of the most worthwhile endeavors in the world. As a doctor, you get an opportunity to help people who are in their most vulnerable state. You can touch the lives of many people when you are a healthcare professional, and you can help the world in a myriad of ways.

In recent days there are many students who prefer to study MBBS abroad. It is definitely a boon for medical students to pursue MBBS from a foreign university. But why? Here is a brief insight into the reasons to study MBBS abroad.

To become a doctor is your longtime dream and to get that opportunity, you have to cross many barriers. After work-hard to score hard in your 12th Grade, you study day and night just not to clear your NEET exams but to score high and secure a seat in government medical universities.

With limited seats in government medical colleges, your dream turns to be a big question. If you don’t get admission in government colleges you will have to spend lakhs and lakhs; at times even in crores. In order to spend so much of amount, you can better do your MBBS degree from a foreign university. Also, it is a boon for the middle-class family in India is to afford the fee structure to study MBBS abroad. Hence, the scope to study MBBS in abroad at an extensively lower rate becomes a great relief to them.

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With the introduction of low fee structure at some of the MCI approved universities abroad, it has enabled a large number of students to pursue MBBS abroad. Studying MBBS abroad has become more easy and comfortable than ever before. It has some added advantages over the study programs in India.

The medical schools in the Carribean have become a recent favorite destination for the students who want to pursue medicine. Did you know that there are a variety of honorable Caribbean medical schools which will give you a higher likelihood of acceptance and an excellent education?

No Capitation Fee

Admissions to private colleges in India demand huge donation in addition to the annual fees. But most universities abroad do not require capitation fee which is definitely a win-win situation. This definitely calls for an intended attempt to grab a seat in one of the renowned universities abroad. Caribbean medical schools typically cost less than U.S. medical schools and also Indian medical universities.

Global Exposure

It is a quite evident fact that studying abroad will enhance international exposure which fetches new opportunities helping to settle down. The interaction with fellow students from other countries also improves the adaptability to other cultures. In today’s global society, students who are able to have a global medical education have an advantage in residency applications while they become physicians.


While you decide to pursue their dreams outside your home country, at international medical schools the reputation matters much and also US and Canadian medical schools are too selective, because they can only take a small number of students, and don’t admit enough people to fill the demand for doctors in the US. For those students, there’s still a good chance you could into Carribean med schools fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor

Excellent Infrastructure

You will enjoy the benefits of a world-class infrastructure since the campuses are equipped with modernized facilities with the aim to provide a high standard of living.

Affordable Living Cost

The cost of living is affordable in countries like Guyana, South America compared to popular destinations like USA, Europe, Australia, etc. which accounts for $800 to $1200 per month. It only costs around $200 to $300 per month in Guyana which is almost similar to India.

Clinical Rotation Opportunities

There are clinical rotation opportunities in the U.S and Guyana. The universities are affiliated with numerous teaching hospitals, which help students to participate in clinical rotations in the United States or Guyana.

It is very important to consider some of the key features before deciding upon which university to get admitted to. There are several educational institutions across the globe which offers a number of facilities and advantages. And that is where the trick lies, in choosing the right one for you. It might seem a mammoth task. But, with proper guidance and knowledge, you can definitely crack this grueling situation.


At Texila American University, we make things easier for you. We are a renowned university in South America. Texila American University helps you to expand your professional horizon by doing your graduation. A far-reaching network of regional resource centers or specialties is a vital element in the creation of the student’s research grid. You will gain world-class education and experience that will make you build a successful career from one of the leading medical universities in the Caribbean. Our vibrant residential campus is built to develop skills.

Consider reflecting on the following points as to why choose Texila American University.

  • Texila American University is MCI approved. This means we are recognized by the Medical Council of India.
  • We hold a strong record of 96% pass percentage in Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) or MCI Screening Test.
  • English is one of official language in Guyana which simply signifies the fact that there is no language barrier. This suddenly sounds a relief! Isn’t it?
  • Guyana has a similar disease pattern like that of India. Hence, it is an added advantage for the students as they receive extensive learning about prevalent diseases and treatment.
  • Above all, you get a chance to study in US track and thus you get an opportunity to settle in the US as we facilitate inbuilt training for FMGE and United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)

If you are giving serious thought about studying MBBS abroad then you must watch our webinar on Study MBBS in Private Indian Colleges vs. Study MBBS Abroad.

With Texila American University’s affordable tuition fee you actually live your academic dream-career. On top of all the question that lingers your mind is safety on the accreditation of Texila American University. This is all about the security of your life on the whole. National Accreditation Council of Guyana accredits Texila American University. It is also listed by the World Directory of Medical Schools, Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates and Medical Council of India. They also offer USMLE and MCI exams coaching for the students to pursue their future as doctors in the US and India respectively. They are also provided with clinical rotations at prestigious universities and thus you gain hands-on experience.

Overall, Texila American University provides you a student life that you have ever dreamt of. Experience this in reality by enrolling into one of the top medical universities of Guyana- Texila American University.

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Here are the reasons to study MBBS abroad Becoming a doctor is one of the most worthwhile endeavors in the world. As a doctor, you get an opportunity to help people who are in their most vulnerable state. You can touch the lives of many people when you are a healthcare professional, and you can help the world in a myriad of ways. […]
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