Country pointing of Texila Alumni presence

If you are graduating from Texila American University, then get to know your Texila Family through our Alumni Network.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

-Lao Tzu

Every step that one takes in life must result in great learning and add value to life. A step that you take towards Texila American University is one such step.

The journey of every graduate of TAU does not end with the Texila Graduation Ceremony. It is the start of a new journey as a part of the Alumni Association of an ever-growing organization.

The Alumni Association is part of the Texila American University family with a diverse cultural base. Over the years we have spread our wings across the globe through our alumni base. Apart from celebrating the career choices of our alumni, we constantly strive to enrich the value of your degree and engage with you at every stage of your career.

Country pointing of Texila Alumni presence

Our main aim is to track the professional progress of every Alumni after they graduate. We also endeavor to provide constant support to all our students through alumni programs and services. The TAU Alumni Association facilitates communication between the Alumni and university, strives to strengthen bonds of fellowship, professional association and university affiliations.

The curriculum followed by TAU is recognised globally. Our students can benefit from their education at Texila American University in all the following ways.

  • Dedicated Students Mentors
  • Faculty-Student Interaction
  • 360 Degree Feedback Collection
  • Co-Guide Support
  • Grievance Support
  • Capstones and Contextual Projects
  • E-Journal Publication
  • Reflective Analysis Learning
  • Convenient Exam Reservations

Benefits of Texila Alumni

Apart from gaining the benefits mentioned above as a student, Texila Alumni can earn additional benefits that will enhance their career.

  • Document Evaluation Support
    Assistance with certificate evaluation in native countries, choice of credential evaluation service and many more document-related services are provided.
  • Certificate Dispatch Support
    The Alumni Team stay in touch with the Alumni and provide constant updates on the status of their certificates.
  • Job Assistance
    Twice every week our Alumni Team shares info about the job openings at top companies in their industry.
  • Alumni Mentor Program
    Alumni are provided with the opportunity to mentor current students of Texila American University belonging to the same region/ city.
  • Alumni Brand Ambassador
    Texila American University identifies one Alumni for the role of a Brand Ambassador from every country to represent TAU.
  • Alumni Chapters
    The Alumni gets an opportunity to interact with the fellow colleagues and students from the same region by involving themselves in the Texila Alumni Chapters.
Journey of student in Texila
Student Journey at Texila American University

Texila Student Ambassador

A Texila Student Ambassador is the Brand Ambassador of Texila American University in their native country. As an Ambassador you become the first point of contact for the student of TAU. Depending on the program the student enrols into and the assistance you provide you earn attractive stipends, timely. You will cooperate with student relationship executives for enhanced support with regard to student admissions.

Presence of Texilas Student Ambassador
Global presence of Texila’s Student Ambassador

Texila Alumni-Mentor Program

The Texila American University Alumni-Mentor Program strives to foster a meaningful relationship between Alumni and current students of Texila American University. It enables the Alumni to share their professional and personal experience and expertise with the current Texila students.

An Alumni-Mentor advises the student(s) on academics, career and personal development for the academic year. Texila American University encourages mentors and students to connect regularly and interact through virtual discussion, networking events, workshops, and volunteering.

Benefits of being an Alumni-Mentor

  • Earn stipend for each student you mentor upon completion of the first year at TAU.
  • Build professional skills and add to your career.
  • Network with students for Internships and Employment opportunities.
  • Opportunity to become an online faculty with TAU. Opportunity to become a guide or co-guide with TAU.

We, at Texila American University, believe in giving back to the community from which we have grown to what we are today. We extend this opportunity to you and invite you to join our Texila Alumni Club and contribute to the Texila Community across the globe.

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