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Zambia’s Fight for Better Medicare

Doctors are the backbone of a healthy society, especially in trying times like the one which we are all going through now. Zambia has been making significant efforts to improve healthcare for its citizens with its Zambia national health strategic plan 2017–2021, a four-year roadmap to revamp the health sector and provide better healthcare.

According to the Zambian Ministry of Health, the country faces a deficit of roughly 3,000 doctors. Furthermore, only 1,500 healthcare professionals are currently registered in the state. The requirement for trained specialists is critical, and practicing doctors with qualifications and decent experience are in high demand in the country.

Demand for Medical Professionals in Zambia

Although there is a demand for qualified doctors in Zambia, there is also a substantial requirement throughout the African continent. Therefore, pursuing clinical medicine in Zambia can also open a world of opportunities for future doctors. Further, there are various other healthcare professions that students can opt for as well, including nursing, midwifery, pharmacology, and much more.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Journal of Zambia points out that the doctor-patient ratio is at 1:1200, which shows the pressing demand for doctors in Zambia. This ratio is way beyond the acceptable standard of 1:500.

How to Address the Shortage of Doctors in Zambia

Addressing the shortage of doctors in Zambia is not as simple as it seems. In an article by WHO, it would take African countries until 2030 to build the necessary infrastructure to produce quality medical graduates to serve the public. This fact goes to show how underdeveloped the medical infrastructure is in these countries.

All is not lost, though, as more and more medical institutions are pitching in to speed up the process of producing quality medical graduates in the continent. Zambia, in particular, has seen the rise in more students opting for a medical career in recent years.

Areas That Requires Attention to Improve the Situation

  • Address the Brain Drain Phenomenon
    The brain drain phenomenon is a factor that is severely plaguing every developing country, especially Zambia. Trained professionals are looking to move to other countries in search of better working conditions and pay.
  • Improve the Working Conditions of Healthcare Workers
    Zambian healthcare workers are some of the most dynamic and overloaded professionals on the African continent. Owing to the low doctor-patient ratio, as stated previously, stabilizing this would attract more candidates to the profession and also reduce the brain drain phenomenon, as mentioned earlier.
  • Establish More Medical Institutions
    Currently, there are only a handful of institutions in Zambia offering quality medical training. This factor is a bottleneck which is limiting the number of medical professionals for the community.

Why Should More Students Consider a Career in Medicine?

Unlike other career paths, medicine offers more in terms of job satisfaction, salary, and career fulfillment. Here are some of the perks one can enjoy form choosing a medical career.

  • Job Security
    As previously established, the medical profession is one of the most in-demand fields in and around the continent. So, employment security will never be an issue.
  • Landscape for Innovation
    Zambia has gained a reputation for its innovation with technology, especially in the field of medicine. Tech companies are implementing innovative technology like Project Mwana to tackle obstacles. Medical professionals will be able to become early adopters of advancements, which will ultimately give them an edge in their career further down the line.
  • Job Fulfillment
    There are very few professions as noble as the medical profession. It also provides the best job satisfaction as compared to other career paths.
  • Decent Pay
    You will never feel undervalued as doctors are the best-paid professions in Zambia.
  • A Career Unbound by geography
    The medical profession demand is not limited to Zambia but also the world too. You will have the option to serve abroad if you choose to pursue your higher specialization elsewhere.

Reliable Medical School in Zambia

Texila American University (TAU) is one of the leading private medical schools in Zambia. As a highly sought-after medical school, TAU is acclaimed for its world-class infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories, and international-standard curriculum. It is devised solely to bring more qualified healthcare practitioners and doctors for Zambia and the world.

As a best-in-class medical school in Zambia, TAU presents students with the opportunity to undergo international-standard medical education in Zambia. Texila aims to provide students the guidance and exposure needed to shine in a demanding and dynamic medical field.

Pupils of TAU are put through a thorough academic program that combines both practical experiences and theoretical knowledge. It offers them the qualities that medical professionals require to undertake roles in the challenging field of medicine and offer medical service to the community. TAU offers the following programs:

  • HPFP Program
    The Health Professionals Foundation Program (HPFP) at TAU, Zambia, serves as a robust foundation program to prepare students for the MBChB course. It offers a solid foundation in behavioral sciences and natural sciences. And help students understand the core concepts of medical science required for their medical career.
  • MBChB Program
    The Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) program is aimed at arming Zambian students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset to become qualified doctors and succeed in the field of medicine. Texila is one of the few institutions that provide international-standard curriculum MBChB in Zambia. The MBChB program also offers a thorough and comprehensive approach to healthcare. The MBChB curriculum that is balanced between curative, preventive, promotive, and rehabilitative healthcare.

Fulfill the Doctors Demand

Study MBChB in Texila to Transform your life and career as a Doctor!

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