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The stigma around emotional wellness has plagued us for decades so much, that many young educated people decide it was time to start tackling the problem in a multi-million-dollar way and get depressed so easily for even small things in life.

According to reports, India ranks in the top three on suicide figures accounting for about 30% of suicide deaths globally. The highest rates of suicide, though, occur among those aged 15 to 29.

The National Mental Health Survey of India found that nearly 20 percent of the population was affected by common mental disorders, including depression, anxiety disorders, and substance use disorders.

The fast-paced and stressful world has led our people to struggle with work-related stress and personal issues. Mental health challenges can affect an individual’s performance. They are in a bad need for Counseling psychologists.

counseling psychology

Counseling psychology is a much in demand specialization across the globe as mental-health-related ailment has increased in many- folds. Psychology Counseling courses in India are the most sought after by the medical courses. It is because people today have become more conscious and watchful about their health, especially when it comes to handling stress.

People are vulnerable to many mental health diseases owing to sedentary, hectic work hours, and many more factors. According to recent statistics, on average, only one in 10 of those suffering from mental health issues in India receives help.

It shows that the need for Counseling psychologists has grown! Let’s have more in-depth insights into Counseling Psychology.

What is Counseling Psychology?

Counseling psychology focuses on teaching patients of all ages how to cope with emotional, physical, and mental health issues.

What Does a Counseling Psychologist Do?

Counseling psychologists will focus on the daily life stressors of their patients, teaching patients to find a balanced approach to overcome stress. On the other end, Counseling psychologists can intervene and assist people in times of crisis or extreme stress. They also provide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of more complicated and advanced psychological symptoms.

counseling psychologist

The various skills & competencies required becoming a successful Counseling Psychologist

To be a competent Counseling psychologist, you will need a mix of personal skills and personality traits. Here are the essential skills and abilities to become a successful Counseling psychologist:

  • Excellent listening and communication skills
    In all forms of therapy, you will need to keenly listen to people, reflect their thoughts, and should remember important events and feelings that they convey to you.
  • The ability to develop a non-judgmental approach
    A counselor’s job is not just to pass judgment or give advice on a client’s actions or feelings; instead, through talking therapy, they aim to help clients see things clearly, from a different, more optimistic viewpoint.
  • An understanding of confidentiality and professional boundaries
    As a Counseling psychologist, you should be able to communicate with patients about the nature and limits of the therapeutic relationship. Typically, it starts during the initial consultation with the patient while they fill out your disclosure forms.
  • Resilience, patience, and humility
    Developing sufficient emotional robustness and also a high degree of self-reflexivity is a fundamental value of any counselor. You will also need a capability for self-care and a willingness to distinguish your limitations.
  • Real interest in people
    For a more gratifying career, it is more important to be curious in this field and dedicated to improving the emotional wellbeing of the patients. Being able to reveal real interest in client’s situations will encourage a very positive and trusting relationship between the client and the counselor.

Scope of a Counseling Psychologist

Psychology in India is gaining importance; eventually, the demand for it is on the rise. So, you will get ample opportunities to work in different areas.

  • Counselors play a vital role in NGOs, Old age homes, Rehabilitation Centers, etc. A counselor understands the situation undergone by their patients, and help them come out of their miseries. The problems are like traumatic events in a person’s life or some personal difficulty in relationships.
    In nursing homes, counselors’ take up responsibility and ensure that old people do not feel lonely or worthless. Counselors working in rehabilitation centers (E.g., Drug addicts) help the patients to reduce the intake of drugs.
    They try to figure out the reasons and help them come out of their miserable life. They don’t deal with severe cases. The average pay of a counselor as a fresher is 20–30K per month.
  • Education Sector: Psychologists act as school counselors, trainers, career counselors, etc. They help children during their educational years. They also deal with students who have learning difficulties or some behavioral issues. Career counselors also help students to understand their potential, and in making them choose the right career for their better future. This industry absorbs the highest number of psychologists. The average pay in this area for the fresher is 20-35K per month approximately.
  • Clinical psychology: Clinical Psychologists are in high demand in today’s world. You should first complete M.Phil. or Ph.D. in Counseling phycology before you start independent practice. They deal with persons who require clinical attention. They apply various therapies and work parallel to a psychiatrist.
    There is a common confusion among people between a clinical psychologist and a Psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are required to complete their MBBS and MD in Psychiatry. They can even prescribe medicines, whereas clinical psychologists do only apply therapies with the clients. It is significant for any psychiatrist and a clinical psychologist to work together as a team. Clinical Psychologists earn 30–35K per month approximately.
  • Organizational Psychology: Organizational psychologists work for MNCs and organizations in HR departments. They handle the problems of the employees and make them work together effectively as a team. The average pay for them is approximately 30K per month.
  • Research: If you have a passion for research in this field, both qualitative and quantitative research are promising areas. Researchers are paid 25K per month approximately.

How to do a PhD in Guidance & Counseling Psychology

The work of a counselor can be very intense and demanding. Earning a degree in India from a top-notch university could be the right choice to up-skill your career in this field and serve the community better and being the game-changer in someone’s life.

Counseling psychologists have the choice of obtaining a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). Now it is easy for anyone to pursue their higher education without compromising your current work in today’s innovative digital world. Online course on Ph.D. in Guidance and Counseling Psychology by Texila American University in academic partnership with the University of Central Nicaragua helps you reach the very top in your career as a Counseling Psychologist.

Texila’s blended and distance learning helps in molding you as a better Counseling psychologist. They use a unique learning methodology BBRRIICCSS (BRICS), which allows any student enrolled to study at their own pace at their comfortable location. The structure of this learning methodology covers all the current inputs for the students, who pursue the study, to make them stay updated. Get enrolled now and join the community of successful people who have passed out from Texila.

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How to Become a Counseling Psychologist The stigma around emotional wellness has plagued us for decades so much, that many young educated people decide it was time to start tackling the problem in a multi-million-dollar way and get depressed so easily for even small things in life. According to reports, India ranks in the top three on suicide figures accounting for […]
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