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School Principal, the Godfather of the learning environment, plays a vital role in organizing the management plans and school policies. A good school principal always guides, educates and ensures the welfare of students. Enriched with both academics and professional excellence, the principal takes the value of education to the next level as a whole by fulfilling young minds with the hope for a better world.

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The principal is responsible for making important decisions of a school as well as manage the students and staff members efficiently. It is essential to choose the right principal for successful accomplishments of future goals in a school and transform the field of educational models.

The school principal is personified to be the center point of the wheel. The principal keeps everything in-line and sees that everything moves smoothly. The teachers, students, and support staff functions on the command of the school principal and are engaged entirely by him/her. Right from spreading a positive environment in school till improving leadership, it is the significant role of the school principal.

Many key skill sets define the qualities of the school Principal. Let’s get some insights on what are they and how to groom yourself in upgrading your career as a Principal.

Qualities/ Traits that define the principal

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” – Ronald Reagan.

The principal needs to be a leader more than a staff, a rational hirer of new teachers and aides, a better guide to students, and a disciplinarian when and where necessary. A school principal serves as an intermediate between the county board of education and the school system where they are employed.

The paramount for the school principal starts with the necessary qualification determined by the state certificate for the clearance of eligibility. It always ends with Ph.D. research, the main course for the educator to prove his value. Being a great personality adds the feather in the cap that easily molds the students and ensures their understanding of capacity with a sense of responsibility.

The principal must be an updated version of technological developments in the field of education and must be able to adapt to all the stringent demands for different situations. He/She must be a perfect decision-maker and a creative thinker, so he stands outside the box and distinguishes his traits in very complicated cases. A principal should handle these things with a positive note without affecting the sentiments of his fellow people. Being an active person with a vision for the school, he must be resilient and always a self-starter to outstand as an example.

He must encourage and motivate colleagues to develop themselves and deliver the best of their abilities. With a highly-skilled principal, the school stays updated in academics and learns an approachable care learning tactic that prepares the students to shape their dreams.

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What are the critical responsibilities of a school principal?

With a tough challenge situation with the most stressful environment, the principal is often trained to face the world with limited resources and develop skilled staff. They adopt their informal way of guiding and deliver complete support for the welfare of the school.

The following are the tangible duties that might answer how to become a principal, and the following five key skills are necessary to become a successful principal:

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision making
  • Leadership

Principal, the first authoritative leader, should always be clear and focused in his communications and must make sure the chain of command is still with him. Delegation of authority, even if allowed, should always be reported back with due respect as the head of the institution is in charge of all the forthcoming futuristic actions and visions that shape the school altogether. Every individual in the school should follow commands and must adhere to the school policies as per the principal’s instructions.

With a crowd of developing minds and curious students, the principal should always be a step ahead thinker and be ready to solve any problematic disturbances that stand in the way of visionary goals. The principal should be well-versed in rational and clear thinking that defines the development and welfare of the stakeholders of the school.

Personal values will not solve the problem effectively. The relevance of problems should be with the vision of schools, and the purpose of the values should be accountable. The principals always have a perception of specific values worth mentioning few such as trust, rationality, self-value, goals and mission, personal care, futuristic developments, and more. They solve the problems with the moral and reflective theory of position power.

Valid identification and implementation of the right solution for the trouble is the daily dose of regular activity for a school head. Responsibilities and timelines included with long term goals hold the main criteria in the problem solvency. The decision-making power should be rightly handled up and always backed by plan B, so there is a management in time as per deadlines with commitment and feasibility. Also, the principal must be aware of the consequences of such decisions, and only there must be a focus on goals and vision rather than personal values.

Leadership styles are coined by Burns (1978) as transactional and transformational leadership. Leith wood (1994) created the transformational design of guiding the way. It describes facing a new era challenge that is imperative to follow these styles. According to recent studies, the following parameters are recorded: overall job satisfaction, teaching capacity improvement, and low absenteeism (Griffith,2004; Yu et al., 2002; Ross & Gray, 2006). With a multi-faceted role, the school principal must follow a realistic style that immaculate the commitments and the school demand to focus on a strategic goal-oriented approach.

How much money does a principal make?

As per the report by payscale.com, approximately the school principal in Africa makes around R17000 to R45000 per month.

Principals build a profound, positive, and lasting impact on the entire school community. The role may involve many responsibilities and making difficult decisions, but at the same time, he/she makes a very great difference in the lives of teachers and infinite students.

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How to Become a Principal: Key Skills To Start Building Now School Principal, the Godfather of the learning environment, plays a vital role in organizing the management plans and school policies. A good school principal always guides, educates and ensures the welfare of students. Enriched with both academics and professional excellence, the principal takes the value of education to the next level as a whole by […]
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