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Africa’s Requirements for Management Professionals

Africa is taking baby steps into the global complex in terms of development. The continent also shows a lot of potential for economic growth. Many international businesses have started investing in African countries for their natural resources and accessible labor.

The industrial sector has grown exponentially since the last decade. A report by the UN trade commission shows that:

  • Total trade from Africa to the rest of the world averaged $760,463 million in current prices in the period 2015–2017.
  • Africa’s GDP growth is projected to accelerate to 4.0% in 2019 and 4.1% in 2020.

African countries that were once left unnoticed are getting attention from big corporations and even other countries too. This opens up many possibilities for people, thereby for economic growth.

Qualified people can easily avail of all these opportunities. Only higher education will fetch you the qualities that you may require to occupy managerial roles. When it comes to managerial roles, you must need a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). The stand out feature is that this MBA course can be pursued online without leaving your current job.

Scope and Demand for MBA Graduates

Due to various corporations investing in these countries, the industry sector has been booming. Human resources are in demand to manage and run these companies. African countries have many young, capable people who are waiting for opportunities. It is a fruitful opportunity for both sides.

Many companies are looking for candidates with a specialized degree who can handle different areas of business. Here is the average salary for some of these specializations.  

Average Salary for an MBA Graduate in Africa

DesignationAverage Salary/Annum
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)~$70,000
General/Operations Manager~$46,000
Business Development Manager  ~$45,000
Financial Manager  ~$52,000
Management Consultant~$55,000
Project Manager (General)~$43,000

Source: PayScale (currency converted to USD)

And since African countries are relatively new, it has been a ground for innovation and experimentation. Here are some of the sectors (and companies) that made headlines in recent times:

  • FinTech (Paystack, Flutterwave, Tala)
  • Digital healthcare (CareAi,mTRAC, mPedigree,OpenMRS)
  • Renewable Energy (M-KOPA Solar, Shakti Energy, Mobisol)  
  • Food Processing (TechnoServe, Africa processing)
  • Startup Funding (Talent2Africa, TakeALot)
  • African Fashion Industry (afrikrea, Zuvaa)

Career Path and Growth Rate

An MBA graduate has the most choices while pursuing a degree. MBA graduates can take up a variety of roles, from general management to human resources and even finance. According to their specialization, on average, the career growth rate is expected to be around 10-15% worldwide.

Many graduates ultimately start their own business after a considerable time working for other companies. Some choose to migrate abroad, as well. In terms of career path and growth rate, the sky is really the limit for MBA graduates.

Pursuing an MBA course as an individual would allow you to innovate in the industrial sector. You can even launch your startup if you choose to. The pay-scale is slightly higher with the MBA due to its target-oriented nature.

Why Should You Choose an MBA Course?

  • Excellent salary package
  • Advanced and dynamic management skills
  • Vast areas of specializations
  • Extensive business network for employment and entrepreneurship
  • Wide range of career options
  • Job and entrepreneurial markets around the world

You cannot go wrong with either of these career paths. However, each job has its challenges and rewards. It is a subjective choice for an individual to make.  

Texila American University and Its Business Administration Courses

Texila American University (Texila) offers an online MBA course. These programs are designed especially for working professionals to continue their studies without leaving their jobs.

Why Should You Choose Texila for Your Business Administration Course?

Texila has a proven track record of its academic excellence. It reflects on its students who are sought-after professionals after graduating from our campus. Our students can thrive in any professionally taxing situation across the globe. We focus on creating the most exceptional employees, pioneers, and leaders. Texila plays an integral role in establishing high-quality education in Africa and around the globe.

Apart from its green campus, it also boasts of its hi-tech and state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure. Besides being a world-class education provider for medical and management education, it is a sure destination to upgrade your future. So, if you are interested in building a successful career, Texila would be the perfect place to begin your journey.

Besides, we are:

  • offering quality higher education,
  • recognized worldwide,
  • providing courses at affordable costs,
  • delivering excellent support services, and
  • allowing you to pursue your degree without leaving your job.

Strong Alumni Base

Texila has a strong client base across the globe. Our alumni are working in higher ranks in renowned, government, and private organizations. Framed below a few of our alumni who have recently completed their MBA degree with Texila:

Taking up an MBA course is a brilliant move in your career growth. These programs will fetch you knowledge and skills that you may need to be the professional in your respective field. Besides, you can study while you work.

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