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Africa’s Demand for Health Professionals

Demand for public health professionals continues to grow across the globe. Especially, developing countries are striving to improve the health of the public. Besides, poverty and lack of proper infrastructure, the human resource becomes the major setback for many countries to improve their healthcare standards. This demand is increasing at a faster pace due to increasing health challenges and disease complexities.

Only numbers cannot solve the issue. These vacancies can only be filled with qualified professionals as the industry involves the lives of humans. Being qualified is important besides willingness. Therefore, taking up a degree in public health or a relevant course is required to become a healthcare professional. When it comes to healthcare, you must need a master’s degree in public health (MPH) to act proactively in all situations. The best thing is that this MPH course can be pursued online without leaving your current job.

The stand out feature being that this MPH degree can be pursued online without leaving your job.

Master’s Degree in Public Health: Prospects and Salary

As we all know, Africa and the globe are in a health workforce crisis. With the population growing every day, public health has become an area of utmost importance. Pursuing an MPH course will allow you to tackle this growing issue and make the world a better place quite literally.  

MPH course would allow you to impact the medical field with your expertise. It also offers better job satisfaction and a wider variety of roles you can take up in the medical field.

Career Path and Growth Rate

Graduates with a degree in public health can work in almost all sectors:

  • Public: Health department administration, public nursing, or disaster preparedness.
  • Non-profit: Focus on a particular population, such as minorities or mothers, or address specific health disparities.
  • Academic: Researching and Teaching.
  • Private: Insurance companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers or health care facilities, or Consultants.

Public Health Pay and Its Projections

Public Health OccupationAverage SalaryGrowth by 2022
Community Health Workers$38,18025.1%
Environmental Scientists and Specialists$72,05014.6%
Health Educators$55,26019%
Medical and Health Services Managers$103,68023.2%
Health Specialties Teachers$112,95036.1%
Healthcare Social Workers$53,59026.8%
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers$45,82022.8%
Mental Health Counselors$43,99028.5%
Natural Sciences Managers$136,4505.7%

Source: PayScale (currency converted to USD)

Why Should You Choose MPH Course?

  • Job Satisfaction

Besides money, you will also be able to touch millions of lives with your work.

  • Huge Demand

There is a steady growth in the demand for public health professionals. It means better job opportunities and good job security in the future.

  • Ever-Evolving and Challenging Jobs

This will ensure that you will be on your toes looking for solutions and exploring new developments in the medical field.

Texila American University and Its Public Health Courses

Texila American University (Texila) offers an online MPH degree. These programs are designed especially for working professionals to continue their studies without leaving their jobs.

Why Should You Choose Texila for Your Online MPH Degree?

Texila has a proven track record of its academic excellence. It reflects on its students who are sought-after professionals after graduating from our campus. Our students can thrive in any professionally-taxing situation across the globe. We focus on creating the most exceptional employees, pioneers, and leaders. Texila plays an integral role in establishing high-quality education in Africa and around the globe.

Apart from its green campus, it also boasts of its hi-tech facilities and state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure. Besides being a world-class education provider for medical and management education, it is a sure destination to upgrade your future. So, if you are interested in building a successful career, Texila is the perfect place to begin your journey.

Besides, we are:

  • offering quality higher education,
  • recognized worldwide,
  • providing courses at affordable costs,
  • delivering excellent support services, and
  • allowing you to pursue your degree without leaving your job.

Texila Has Strong Alumni Base

Texila has a strong client base across the globe. Our alumni are working in higher ranks in renowned, government, and private organizations. Framed below a few of our alumni who have recently completed their online MPH degree with Texila:

Taking up an online MPH degree is a brilliant move in your career growth. These programs will fetch you knowledge and skills that you may need to be the professional in your respective field. Besides, you can study while you work.

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