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“Universities are meant to pass the torch of civilization” – Hal Abelson

24th – 25th June 2018 – The date marked a new beginning for Texila American University, Guyana as we hosted our first International Conference for Medical Students.

About the International Conference for Medical Students

Hosted under the theme ‘Enriching the Caribbean Medical Education through Research’, the event was intended to help medical students broaden their knowledge and have a better understanding of internationally accepted concepts and practices.

Held in our campus in Providence, the two-day event was attended by regional and international professors, practicing surgeons, students and several medical professionals. The conference witnessed an overwhelming response alongside incessant enthusiasm and support from our faculty and students.

Key Speakers: Dr. Karen Cummings & Dr. Vijay N. Singh

Dr. Karen Cummings, Minister, Ministry of Health, in her introductory speech stressed on the importance of research and how exposing students to cutting-edge topics would help promote innovative thinking in them. The Minister also spoke about the criticality of longevity and well-being.


“Prepare for a paradigm shift in clinical medicine”, were the words of Dr. Vijay N. Singh, Trinidadian Medical Professor who laid immense importance on the habit of learning as an aggressive and continuous process. He said that patients should not be treated mechanically but with compassion. Every patient should be treated as unique and a lesson can be learned from every single case. Going beyond the clinical scenario and understanding people was his key advice.


The Vice-Chancellor of Texila American University (TAU), Dr. Anand Arulsamy in his speech emphasized on the concept of research, stating that there is an inseparable link between medical care provisions and strong research skills. He also spoke on Texila’s medical education program.

Saju Bhaskar, Founder and President of TAU, in his message highlighted the mission of the university which is to revolutionize international education through updated and excellent training in medical sciences.

About Texila American University

Established in 2010 in the picturesque town of Georgetown, Guyana, Texila American University has since managed diverse educational verticals with a structured objective to set new international standards in the field of medicine.


The 1st International Conference for Medical Students has been a huge success and the event was covered in a number of leading dailies. For more information on the event, you can also check the news article in Guyana Chronicle.

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