It is true in every sense. You can take heart from the fact that in the Mckinsey report it has been mentioned that there is a wealth of opportunity for pharmacy in Africa.
In fact, Africa has been touted as the continent of opportunity for pharma.

There are many factors support this fact. On one side the urbanization has expanded phenomenally and there is a massive increase in population, on the other side the capacity of people spending on healthcare is increasing in leaps and bounds. Added to these factors, there is a significant improvement in logistics infrastructure.

One another very important factor is – there is a substantial increase in healthcare capacity in Africa. The metrics say that between 2005 and 2012, seventy thousand new hospital beds, sixteen thousand doctors, and sixty thousand nurses have been added to healthcare capacity. (Courtesy: Mckinsey report).

Pharmacy aspirants have umpteen opportunities

The scope for pharmacy aspirants is surging upwards in tandem with the increase in healthcare capacity and the penetration of pharma across Africa. Opportunities are aplenty for the ones who really wish to get into pharma sector. The avenues are really unlimited.

See the list below to know where you can work as a pharmacist:

  • Government agencies
  • Compounding pharmacy
  • Community pharmacy
  • Hospital pharmacy
  • Clinical pharmacy
  • Industrial pharmacy
  • Consulting pharmacy
  • Ambulatory care pharmacy
  • Regulatory pharmacy
  • Home care pharmacy

When it comes to what type of career option you can choose, the list is long again. Depending on your interest, you can work in Retail Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Long-term care, Nuclear Pharmacy, Home Infusion, and Chemotherapy, or Pharmaceutical Benefit Management. There are more still.

Do you want to know why pharma is apt for you?

If you ask why pharma is right for you, there are multiple positive reasons that favor pharma. As a pharmacist, you will be treated as some of the most highly trusted professionals.

You may wonder why?


It is because of the health-related services you provide. You will be the most sought person among your circle for health-related advice.
Being a pharmacist, you will have excellent earning potential and career growth.
Doctor or Pharmacist – Are you confused?

If you are confused with whether to become a doctor or a pharmacist, you need to first check your aptitude. As a matter of fact, we cannot draw the parallels between these two professions. Because – both are almost equally lucrative, both have an abundant scope, and both have almost similar social status.
As said earlier, it all depends on your aptitude. But one thing can be said certainly is – if you pursue pharmacy, you will have no regrets, in turn, you will have guaranteed satisfaction professionally and financially as well.

Now the Choice is Yours! 

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