The question of safety is pretty subjective. 

 Of course, the country as a whole, in terms of political stability and general peace, can be called safe. Zambia, since gaining independence in 1964, has never seen any civil conflicts and has been a refuge to many that have fled conflicts in neighboring countries. 

There are so many elements that involve safety, some which would also touch upon the economy. However, in terms of security, the country is relatively safe, if placed on a comparative scale.


Some excerpts from an article published in Zambia Daily Mail

According to ZAMBIA DAILY MAIL newspaper dated February 14, 2018 it was quoted – “ZAMBIA has been ranked as the safest country to visit due to its peace”, a United Kingdom-based travel fare aggregator website and travel met search engine, has said.

The newspaper also stated that; Skyscanner posted on its website on Friday that Zambia, is the only African country, leading the top 10 lists followed by Slovenia and Japan.

New Zealand comes fourth, Norway fifth, then Chile followed by Austria, Singapore, Costa Rica and Portugal. 

“The US Department of State has recently begun assigning every country a travel advisory level (one-four) to help label the safest countries in the world. We’ve taken these level 1, ‘exercise normal precautions,’ countries and combined them with the Global Peace Index (GPI) from 2017 to create a list of the best and safest countries to visit this year,” the statement states in part.

The GPI is a comprehensive evaluation of each country’s level of militarization, domestic and international conflict levels, and societal safety and security.


(Image credit : Zambia daily mail newspaper)

According to Skyscanner, the state of peace for the 10 countries are all ranked as very high or high on the GPI for 2017.

“Remember to always be vigilant no matter how safe a country usually is, these suggestions are strictly based on statistics and rankings by the GPI and the US State Department.”

The website also markets Zambia as home of Victoria Falls, one of the largest and most spectacular waterfalls in the world. It further states that lions and zebras and the second-largest wildebeest migration on the African continent can be found in Liuwa plain, in Western Province. 

Recently, Moody’s Investors Service, a leading source of credit rating, upgraded the rating outlook for Zambia to stable from negative. Last year, Standards and Poors Global upgraded Zambia’s sovereign rating from negative to positive with a stable outlook. 

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