Texila Celebrates “Student Success Week”

2016 has been a momentous year for Texila American University, as not only did the University commemorate in style its 6th Anniversary, but it established State-of-the-Art Campuses in Lusaka, Zambia and Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, in addition to the Guyana campus.

In continuing with this remarkable year, Texila is celebrating Student Success Week, with the intention of allowing all its students the opportunity to share their success stories and remarkable achievements with all our global students’ community from 70+ Countries.

As Texila continues to grow and achieve success at an unprecedented rate, it understands the value of acknowledging the hardworking student body that made given it one of the highest pass rates of an institution.

Photography contests

Students are given the opportunity to post photographs of their choice and the best image will be selected for rewards. Students have been giving their active participation in the contests.


Photography contests – Participation’s

Sharing Achievements

As a part of the celebrations, Students are advised to share their professional achievements which would pave way for greater heights in their journey.


Students sharing their Professional Achievements with Texila

In addition to the above, several other events are also being organized. It includes debates, poetry competition, innovation challenges, art, drawing and painting competitions and many more.

Moreover, Soft Skills Training on 21st Century Skills, Time Management, Critical Thinking, Online Learning Tips and Technology Skills will be provided to all participants of this must-not-miss week of activities. 


Students actively participating in the Games organized as a part of Student Success Week”

 The active participation of the Students in all the Activities organized by Texila as a part of the Students Success Week makes it a fun-filled and knowledge sharing experience for the students. To encourage the participation, the students will be ranked based on their performances and the top ranked participant will be rewarded at the end of the Event.

So far more than 600 students have showcased their active participation in the events organized for the “Students Success Week”.

The famous quote on Education by Nelson Mandela says, “Education is the weapon which you can use to change the world”. With the higher education sector becoming increasingly competitive, the University Student Satisfaction has become an important component of  Quality Assurance. Students’ satisfaction is important to institutional success because this satisfaction supports the enrolment of additional students.

Here is a Glimpse of What Our Students Say: 


TAU is one institution I have come to admire so much. A citadel of knowledge, learning and for accomplishment. Happy Texilian!

Amina Jangu Alhassan

I am so glad that I belong to the TAU family. After so many years of aspiring finally my dream came true this year. Happy Anniversary to TAU – Fasogbon Grace Ibukun

I am really enjoying my studies at TAU. First, my Coordinator is very nice, the course is very interactive, topics are interesting., This is a completely different way of learning. Online Education. Intellectual diversity is really nice. I would like to convey that the activities organized by the University are awesome. I would recommend this School to my friends. – Nebiyu Lera Alaro

Congratulations, you made it through! Because it’s a big accomplishment. It may be tough for some, and for others it may be the best time yet. It’s time to put your best foot forward! 


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