Lemon is a miraculous natural product in killing the cancer cells. A pleasant juice from lemon prevents all types of cancer.

Its anti-microbial action will protect us from fungi, parasites and worm from harmful infections. Cures nervous disorders and regulates the blood pressure levels. It destroys malignant cells in more than 12 types of cancers.

Adriamycin, a common drug used in chemotherapeutic world, causes multiple side effects in the body. But, the lemon extracts works stronger than the chemotherapy treatment, because it doesn’t damages the healthy cells in our body.

This is because citric acid in the lemon converts to Hypochlorous acid in the digestive tract which is highly oxygenated. These oxygenated molecules kill all negative cells and pathogens that are not protected by the enzymes of healthy normal cells. Hence the result is killing cancer and other dangerous pathogens by means of bio-oxidative therapy.

Eating foods high in anti oxidants can help reduce your chances of getting certain types of cancer.

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